My week that was [37/38/39/40]

I think I should start calling these posts My month that was…!

Week 37: 9-15 September
This week saw my husband and I celebrate our ninth wedding anniversary. It was a busy week with trips to the zoo and the beach with Granny, new sessions of swimming lessons for all three and music for the wee girl. My mum flew back to the UK and the 7yo flew his new glider.

Week 38: 16-22 September
This week the 4yo had his annual physical (all good!); we made a mess doing some painting to investigate colour mixing; we enjoyed hot dogs and ice lollies in the evening sunshine at the 7yo’s Back to school BBQ; Garden Club started up again; we had swimming and music classes; the wee girl had a play date; we went to a Birthday party; we took a stroll around the Mall and I got some new charms for my Pandora bracelets (happy mummy!); the boys practiced theircycling together; the 7yo had his first pack meeting for Cub Scouts.

Week 39: 23-29 September
This week the wee girl had her 18 month check and shots; I had a lovely coffee with friends and toddlers; I had a very lovely coffee with friends (the Expat Wives Club..!) and no toddlers; we had swimming and music classes; we spent a lovely weekend at Storyland, enjoying some beautiful weather and Fall colours in NewHampshire.

Week 40: 30 September – 6 October
This week the 7yo and wee girl had their flu shots; we looked after our friends two kids for the weekend; we wondered how on earth families keep track of five children; we went to the Pumpkin Festival at the 7yo’s school; the boys went to the Fire Station Open House; I spent a lovely morning enjoying the sunshine and walking around town with a friend; I actually went out – to see (Pretend) Rod Stewart at the local Irish American Club!

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