How does your garden grow?


It’s been a busy week (again!) so I haven’t managed to spend any time in my own garden.

I still can’t help but take photos as I walk around town though.

The trees are losing their colour and their leaves. Autumn is running on apace and this week it has been cold. We have seen frost for the first time on our walk to school.

I have clearly been taking too many photos of trees as the 4yo now points out particularly pretty ones to me to make sure I get them :)

Today, it rained. The stark branches against grey skies are, to me, the clearest sign that winter is approaching.

There is still a little colour to be seen though, and I will continue to seek it out for as long as it is there to be found.


I am linking up with the wonderful Mammasaurus again for her ‘How does your garden grow?’ linky. Click on the badge and be inspired.

Mammasaurus - How Does Your Garden Grow?

16 thoughts on “How does your garden grow?

  1. Mammasaurus

    I love that you are seeking out the colours, they are so good aren’t they? I love that last photos of the tree with just a few leaves left – I can totally see us taking some really moody looking bare tree photos over the next few weeks!
    As usual you have made me want to get on a plane – thanks for joining in x

  2. Ruth Davies

    Wow your house with the gorgeous colourful tree outside looks amazing! Just last ngiht we were watching a film and said ‘I bet American houses aren’t really like that’ thinking it’s probably artistic licence!’ This suggests we are wrong! :-)

    1. Sara (@mumturnedmom)

      I wish that was my house, although to be fair, my house does look quite like that – just a bit smaller :) But, yes – the houses really do look like that – I still sometimes feel like I’ve stepped into Desperate Housewives!


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