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As regular readers will know, my husband was away on business last week, I was flying solo!

The boys were desperate for daddy to get home (as was I), so Saturday became all about distraction. Thankfully they had swimming to keep them occupied in the morning, but I wasn’t sure what time my husband would actually get back in the afternoon (possible flight delays, potential queues at immigration…!). So, I needed another distraction from the ‘when will daddy be back?’ mantra…

Kanchan, who blogs at The Intrepid Misadventurer (a beautiful blog, you must check it out if you haven’t already) had mentioned to me that she and her kids had made a Welcome Home Daddy banner in anticipation of the return of her husband from his last trip away. I thought this was a wonderful idea.

What a lovely way to keep two very impatient boys happy, and what a lovely surprise for a daddy who had been missing his family.

So, once the wee girl was down for her nap, they got started.








I love to see my boys doing an activity together. I wrote last week about the joy of watching my children look out for each other and work together; and this was another example. [And, yes, daddy is saying ‘roar’ (long story!) and wearing a t-shirt that says ‘hibs rule!’]

After what had turned out to be a fairly tiring and trying week on my own, watching them put so much effort into this project left me feeling proud and positive. It would have been very easy for my overriding memories of the past week to have been ones of irritation and stress. For my first reaction to the inevitable ‘how did it go?’ to have been a grimace.

Instead, when my husband returned to find two very excited boys sitting on the porch looking out for him, I was smiling.


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68 thoughts on “Welcome Home Daddy”

  1. Lovely banner. Daddy must have been thrilled. And ooh, Hibs. I broke the mould with my family and am a Hearts fan ‘gasp’! Come from totally the wrong side of the city for that x

    1. mumturnedmom

      He was :) Ah, my school friends are all Hibs supporters… hubby adopted them when he moved to Edinburgh (even had a season ticket for awhile!)

  2. Ah gorgeous – he must have loved coming him to that! I’m getting a bit nervous about next year – it’s a crucial stage in Leigh’s course and is going to mean him spending regular time away. At least I only have one little person to cope with on my own though… x

    1. mumturnedmom

      Thank you. It’s tiring, but you just need to have a good routine and not try to do too much x

  3. Must be great to have Daddy back again. I love this post, so great to see the boys pulling together to make a fabulous banner for his return. That said I love the photo of them on the doorstep! I hope hubby had a good trip. Lovely post, thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    1. mumturnedmom

      Thank you Charly, they did a great job. I also love the photo of them sitting waiting for him though x Thanks for hosting x

  4. What a great way to greet their father on return! And I love the photo of them on the doorstep waiting.

    1. mumturnedmom

      Thank you, they were all very pleased when daddy arrived home :) And, the roar…? I will :)

  5. What a lovely idea, and how nice you were able to relax and be positive about being solo for his return:) I often feel for my husband if he comes in and I am at my wits end, and thats just the post school to 7pm slot!

  6. Love the banner, what a great idea and so cute. I hope Daddy was impressed. Well done you for getting through a week on your own with three – I don’t think I could cope with just our one! #MagicMoments

  7. Such a lovely idea. I must remember to do this when my hubby goes away again next time. I do love the banner, they did really well.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    1. mumturnedmom

      Thank you, it was a great activity for them and my husband loved it. I think they did a great job too x

  8. kidglloves@gmail.com

    Grace says – What a fab banner and the perfect homecoming – awesome job. Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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