Make: egg box crafts: caterpillars

Egg Box Caterpillars

On a rainy afternoon recently I went looking for inspiration for a quick craft for the boys. We’d been stuck inside, again, and they were bored! I had several egg boxes, so I decided to look for some ideas for egg box crafts.

I found a picture of a caterpillar which looked fun; and the boys liked it; so we decided to give it a go!

You will need:
Egg box (we used a 12 egg carton)
Paint and brushes
Craft glue
Stickers, foam shapes, pom poms, googly eyes etc.

First of all you need to cut a caterpillar shaped strip of egg box. This is a job for an adult as cutting the egg box is quite tricky. As we used a 12 egg carton, our caterpillars had six segments each.

Egg Boxes

Once you have your basic shape you can start to decorate. The boys painted theirs first. The 7yo went for a red body and an orange face while the 5yo painted his orange and yellow with a blue face :)

Once the paint was dry, the boys decorated them using foam shapes. The 5yo used mini pom poms and googly eyes to make his caterpillars face, and asked me to draw a smiley mouth for him. The 7yo stuck googly eyes straight on to his, along with a foam smiley mouth sticker from another craft kit!

Caterpillar 1

Caterpillar 2

The finished caterpillars look really fun, and making them was a good distraction on another wet afternoon!

Finished Caterpillars

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30 thoughts on “Make: egg box crafts: caterpillars”

  1. I love how colourful they look! This could be a fun project for my toddler too, but it’s hard for us to find paper egg cartons here. #pintorials

    1. You could probably do it with the plastic ones, although the edges might be a bit sharp. You’d just need to use a good paint to cover the plastic x

  2. I adore these. My youngest is never happier than when she is gluing googly eyes and pompoms onto anything she can get her hands on, pinning for a rainy day #tuesdaytutorials

    1. Thank you. I find age two tricky as well, it’s much harder to find things the wee girl can really join in with x

  3. Gude @HodgePodgeCraft

    These look great (and huge fun to make), but MAN, you guys eat a lotta eggs! ;)
    Thanks for sharing at #Pintorials

    1. We do eat a lot of eggs! Combination of three kids who love scrambled eggs and me doing a lot of baking :)

  4. They look fab. We made egg box caterpillars a while ago, which we enjoyed. I love the colours of yours. Your boys look like they are enjoying it too.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

    1. They did enjoy it, I like crafts that they can largely do themselves, they enjoy them much more x

  5. Wicked World of Lucas

    Great caterpillar and it looks like you all had super fun. Lovely photos :) #letkidsbekids

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  8. Lucas says – These are awesome and look VERY messy to make – I like that!!!!
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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