Word of the Week: Christmas


Well, it had to be really, didn’t it? As we hit the last Word of the Week of 2014, my word just has to be Christmas.

There were days in the last month where I would have gladly pressed pause and delayed Christmas as long as possible. Disorganised doesn’t cover it! But, there were other days where I couldn’t wait for the break; for the kids to be off school, for my husband to have some time off, for my mum to arrive from the UK.

Proper family time; celebrating, enjoying presents and games and laughter.

We have chilled out and rested and chatted. We have eaten lots of lovely food (special thanks to my mum for bringing me an M&S bread sauce mix!). We have had fun; the kids presents have all been a hit and yesterday was a day full of excitement. Santa got everything right, and mum and dad’s additions went down well too.

It was also a day free of bickering and stress; which was absolutely lovely. It has been just what we needed.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and are continuing to enjoy the holiday today. We really have had a fabulous time, and I will tell you all about our Christmas soon, but for the moment I am going to return to my much needed mini-break from the blog :) Although, as the sun is shining and we are planning to head out for a Boxing Day walk, you may see me back for Country Kids later… :)

Having written 51 Word of the Week posts this year, the control freak perfectionist in me couldn’t bring myself to miss Week 52 despite my mini-break!

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