I am the mum who…

I am the mum who

I was tagged twice in the ‘I am the mum who…’ meme at the beginning of the summer. Chantelle from Seychelles Mama and Vicky from 29 Year Old Mama both wrote lovely posts, and after a very busy and fun vacation, I have finally written mine.

I am the mum who…
… would do anything for you
… worries about you all the time
… craves silence, but would miss the noise terribly
… shouts too much, but is working hard on it
… is really rubbish at imaginative play, but tries her best
… loves baking and making with you
… doesn’t mind screens
… loves to see you use your imagination
… is amazed by your ideas
… can’t wait for you to go back to school, but will miss you all day
… needs space, but loves cuddles
… likes to have a plan
… appreciates routine, but is happy to ignore it, sometimes
… loves that you go to bed without fuss and sleep well
… knows how special you are
… knows how lucky she is
… is so incredibly proud of you every day
… is inspired by you
… thinks motherhood is the hardest job, ever
… thinks motherhood is the best thing, ever
… struggles to balance everything
… quite enjoys the juggling sometimes
… is full of contradictions
… hopes she is setting a good example
… tries to teach you to be confident and independent
… wants you to be kind and thoughtful
… wishes great things for you
… wants you to know that you can be anything you want to be
… hopes that you will always be happy
… will always pick up the pieces when you’re not
… will always be there for you, no matter what

I am the mum who…
… loves how thoughtful, responsible, funny and bright you are [9yo]
… loves how clever, affectionate and enthusiastic you are [6yo]
… loves how confident, determined and entertaining you are [3yo]

I am the mum who…
… has had the best summer, and is so very grateful to have spent it with you

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4 thoughts on “I am the mum who…”

    1. Thank you Tracey, I enjoyed thinking about it all and writing it down. Join in if you fancy it, I didn’t tag anyone as I’ve taken so long to do this one!

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