Siblings: February 2016

Siblings February 2016

It’s been a month of cold weather and snow for us. The three have had lots of fun playing in it, and lots of fun snuggling up inside, away from it!

The kids have made it through the first term of the year, but are definitely in need of the vacation. This week is going to be spent having lots of fun, and a much needed rest.

After our unsettled start to the year the rest of January was rather calmer, and I have enjoyed watching the kids playing together.

The wee girl and her 6yo brother have become much closer over the last month, bickering aside, and can often be found playing some elaborate game. As she gets older the age gap between them shrinks, and the 6yo is the first person she wants to see in the morning.

They still fight, and she may be bossy, but it seems to be working for them. For now anyway!

The 9yo however makes an escape from the noise more regularly now, understandably wanting to do different things than his younger siblings. He reads, he plays games, he watches different TV shows.

But, at the end of the day, when tiredness has set in, this is the scene I often come across when I walk in to the living room.

Siblings February  1

And then they see the camera and this happens…

Siblings February 2

Siblings February 3

Siblings February 4

Siblings February 5

Siblings February 6

They never fail to make me smile :)

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25 thoughts on “Siblings: February 2016”

  1. I love the last photo with the silly faces! It sounds like they have a really lovely relationship, and that they are all really close. Fab that the oldest still makes time for his younger siblings too even though he likes doing other things now x

  2. These are great photos Sara – I think sometimes we forget to capture those normal, playful moments at home when they are really the moments we should be remembering the most.

  3. My 9-year-old is the same, he is much older than his two little sisters. It makes me sad that he doesn’t play with his toys in the lounge anymore and that he’d rather be in the peace and quiet of his own room – but I guess it’s only natural. I think I was the same because I was 4 and then 6 years older than my brother and sister. I know that when he’s 29 and the other two are 24 and 22 the age gap will be non-existent.

    Loving the funny faces xxx


    1. It’s one of the many bittersweet moments isn’t it? But, in some ways, it makes the times that he does play with his brother and sister even more special x

  4. Loving the last photo, really made me smile :)

    We needed a family break as well so headed down south for a few days last week. Was lovely to get away from the front door and spend some family time together. Hopefully you get a little trip away soon.

    1. Thank you! It is great to get away from normal routine, even just for a couple of days. We managed to do that over the vacation week last week, it was just what we needed x

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