Easter Fun: egg hunt

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Easter Fun Egg Hunt

I have never done an egg hunt for the boys before and I wanted to make an effort for them this year and make their Easter really fun.

In the run up to Easter weekend I bought baskets, plastic eggs, Easter favours and lots of different Easter sweets and an Easter egg for each of them. I then filled their Easter baskets to leave out for them, from the Easter Bunny, filled the plastic eggs with different sweets and organised the other Easter favours for hiding in the garden for them on Easter Sunday.

Egg Hunt 1

On Easter Sunday (slightly later than planned due a trip to the ER with my husband…) we hid the eggs in the garden for the boys to find. The 6yo was so fast at finding his green eggs and the other treats we’d left out for them that he had a full basket before the 3yo had started!

Egg Hunt 2

The 3yo had a wonderful time though, taking it more slowly and really searching the garden for eggs and treats.


The boys had so much fun – I can’t wait for next year when their sister will be able to join in!

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13 thoughts on “Easter Fun: egg hunt”

  1. We havent ever really done anything for Easter, although looking how fun this was i may have to change this next year :-)

  2. Your Easter egg hunt looks like it was so much fun. Our toddler will be old enough next year so I look forward to doing the same with her and watching her little face light up :)

    1. It was great fun. Every holiday is such an occasion over here :) we’re certainly enjoying our time here, we’ve found ourselves in a lovely town/community. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity. Thanks for commenting :)

  3. I love Easter egg hunts, it looks like you all had a wonderful time. I’m sure it won’t be long before your younger one is giving his elder a brother a run for his money! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo again and for all your support :) xx

  4. judithkingston

    Brilliant! Is the plastic egg thing American or British or both? (Clueless Dutch person here, we paint real boiled eggs, mostly). My son inconveniently came down with a tummy bug the night before Easter so he still hasn’t had his chocolate…

    1. I’m not sure! It’s huge here, there were plastic eggs on sale everywhere. Along with egg dying kits for the real ones! Haven’t seen them in the UK, but that could be because I haven’t looked :)

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