Childhood: a persuasive letter 2

Childhood: a persuasive letter 1

A couple of weeks ago we received a persuasive letter from our 6yo, asking us for a hamster…

It turns out that when the school mailed this one to us, a second letter was mailed to one of his friends, one of his ‘girl’friends…

Her mother brought it in to school for me last week so that I could see it. She had it stuck to her fridge; it had made her laugh so much, it had pride of place!

A Persuasive Letter - I am not cute
This little girl is lovely, and does indeed think that the 6yo is cute.

The 6yo won’t admit it, but he has a bit of a crush on her too :)

Because he’s too cool for that – and dangerous, grrrr! Got it?!

[Update 15 June 2015: I am revisiting this old post for the From the Mouths of Babes linky, from the lovely Louise of Little Hearts Big Love. This letter will go down as one of my oldest son’s best moments, ever. I’ll be back next week to share the last persuasive letter he wrote!]

Little Hearts, Big Love


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38 thoughts on “Childhood: a persuasive letter 2”

  1. suzanne3childrenandit

    Hilarious! So embarrassing when a girl likes you though isn’t it?! I’m mighty impressed with his writing and spelling for a 6 year old!

    1. I have seen him blush for the first time – usually followed by a big grin! He’s nearly 7 (it’s come around awfully quickly, taken me by surprise a bit!) but his writing is pretty good, when he concentrates!

  2. theonehandman

    How wonderful. Especially love the GRRRR at the end. He does sound dangerous. Keep this for when you need it (Teen years)

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