Magic Moments: Happy Birthday beautiful boy

Last week my beautiful boy turned seven. Seven! How did that happen? Our first born. The big brother.

The seven years have flown by. He arrived after a long, tough labour that ended with an emergency section. I have vivid memories of repeating ‘I’d like to be unconscious now please’ until they put something in my drip, and suddenly I was very calm… :) I had no real idea what to do with this small, squealy person, but he was beautiful.

He was a big baby, ate constantly, and followed the 98th percentile for the first two years of his life! He talked early, speaking in complete (grammatically correct!) sentences well before he turned two. He amazed us, made us laugh and on occasions freaked us out a little!

He has always been the calm, easy going, considered and cautious one. He never crawled, he scooted on his bum and we had to teach him how to when he started to get stuck on climbing frames! He likes to know he can do something, and do it well, before he’ll try. He watches and learns. He likes to draw, play computer games and read. He still talks. A lot.

We wanted to make sure his first birthday away from home was really special and his celebrations started with a party in a bowling alley with his friends from school. Part of the package was UV lights during the bowling – looked good, but not great for taking photos :)

The kids all loved the bowling, and of course the wee girl tried desperately to get in on the act!

There was pizza, and of course cake – ordered from the fab bakery in town, and suitably ‘bowling’ themed!

After the bowling and the food the kids were given a pot of tokens so that they could play in the arcade. The 7yo did really well (largely down to pure luck!) and was thrilled to get 215 tickets, enough to ‘buy’ an inflatable hammer, some disappearing ink and some random plastic thing…

He was a very lucky boy indeed and got some fantastic presents, in fact every present was a huge hit. He had a wonderful party and had great fun opening his presents over the next few days.

On his actual birthday we gave him his ‘big’ present, a Kindle Fire. He has thanked us every morning and every evening since. To say he is thrilled with it would be a huge understatement :)

His daddy managed to take the afternoon off, so we were able to have (homemade) birthday cake together in the afternoon.

He was allowed to choose what he had for dinner, and plumped for pancakes. He had them with strawberries and banana (my attempt to make them a little more ‘meal’ like!) and lots of scooshy cream! He was a very happy boy indeed.

So, Happy Birthday to my beautiful boy. We love your thoughtful nature, your considered take on things, your love of books, your chatter, your jokes. We love your cheeky smile and big blue eyes. You make us laugh, you make us think and you make us very, very proud. Love you to the moon and back, and then some xxxx

I am linking up with the wonderful Jaime at The Oliver’s Madhouse – why not hop on over and take a look at some other magical moments!

22 thoughts on “Magic Moments: Happy Birthday beautiful boy”

  1. My boy turned 7 back in November, and I remember feeling like 7 is a real milestone. Long gone are the days of toddler and little boy – 7 to me marked the start of the next phase in his life. The photos are just lovely, and boy, do those pancakes look yummy! Happy belated birthday! xx

  2. I’m so emotional today with all these Magic Moments, your to the moon and back got me! Looks like he had a fantastic time, I loved having pancakes for dinner on pancake day :0)

  3. it looks like fun!! i am the same time is flying so quickly i feel like i blink and another year has gone!

    Thanks for linking up with #magicmoments

  4. Happy 7th Birthday to your little man (he sounds a lot like my eldest as a baby). Well done on making his first birthday as an expat so special, that’s quite a tricky path to navigate. He was obviously delighted with his celebrations going by the number of big smiles in the photos! x

  5. Happy Happy birthday to your little chap! I love the photographs, and that cake is fab! We have a similar arcade type place near my Mother in Law’s house (called chucky cheeses or something odd!), I LOVE the ticket idea, and will admit to enjoying that more than my children! :D

  6. Xandi | The Mummy Scripts

    Oh I love this post! Happy Happy Birthday! What a fabulous celebration – I especially love his choice of pancakes for dinner! Brilliant xx

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