Summer holidays: the beach

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One sunny morning last week we headed to the beach at Breakheart.

The boys swam in the lake. Splashing and diving and laughing. Making new friends.

They chased fish. Using buckets and tubs and nets.

The wee girl tried to join them, cried when I wouldn’t let her go deeper. Wriggled and splish sploshed and showed no fear.

She played in the sand for the first time, unsure and tentative, not keen on the texture.

The 4yo built sandcastles, happy and proud.

We had a picnic. Rolls and biscuits and juice.

The wee girl tried to put her biscuits down her brothers back. Giggling and tickling.

She played with goggles – not to be left out when her brothers were wearing theirs!

We left in time for wee girls nap. Strolling back to the car, excited chatter about our morning.

Can we come again please mum?

Lots of fun, magical moments.

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[Breakheart Reservation stretches across the town lands of Wakefield and Saugus, just outside Boston, in Massachusetts. It is a beautiful area with walking, running and biking trails, and of course, the lake and beach.]

21 thoughts on “Summer holidays: the beach”

  1. Oh what a gorgeous post Sara, I love your wee lady’s swimsuit, those UV suits are brilliant aren’t they? The expressions of delight on your kiddies faces always make me smile, they certainly know how to enjoy themselves x

    1. Thank you! The UV suits are great, the boys have tops too (rash guards as they call them here?!) – less fighting with the sunscreen :) They do all have a real love for life, which is so lovely to watch – the 4yo in particular – everything is an exciting adventure to him, which makes me very happy xx

    1. It was – the boys are at an age now where the fighting has started, so to have a lovely morning where they play nicely together, and have such a good time, is great :) And I love watching them play with their sister!

  2. awww what a lovely time! i miss the beach! i love the sandcastle building!
    thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  3. I love going to the beach with the kids, it’s just the best thing whatever the weather, and it looks like you had a lovely time. Do join in with my Family Days Linky if you’d like to, it’s all about days like yours.

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