Summer holidays: baking

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Summer Holidays Baking

I apologise in advance for the number of photos – we made a lot of cupcakes!

Looking for an afternoon activity, I grabbed a strawberry cake mix (I’m all for expediency when boredom is setting in) and said ‘Let’s bake cupcakes!’.

The boys said ‘Yes!’ and the wee girl came toddling after.

They sloshed in water; beat eggs and poured them in; whizzed it all together.

Then the best bit, licking the ‘spoon’!

They scooped and spooned and dropped the mixture into the cases, carefully filling them – but not too full!

The wee girl had to have a go…

Ready for the oven – and 22 minutes later :)

Then the fun really began. Decorating!

Icing was scooshed, sprinkles were sprinkled, stars carefully placed.

The wee girl looked on, while deconstructing a cupcake, not overly impressed.

The finished product… Colourful cupcakes, happy boys.

‘We’re done mum! Can we eat one?’
‘Of course you can, but only one!.’

Very happy boys.

And later, a very happy mummy, who got to decorate the rest of them.

And a very happy husband, who got to eat them!

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