Summer holidays: Storyland Part 1

Our main reason for choosing to head north in to New Hampshire for our holiday was so that we could take the kids to Storyland. Everyone has recommended Storyland to us, but to be honest we did wonder whether it could possibly be as good as people said it was.

Storyland is a theme park geared towards children aged between 2 and 12, although there were plenty of rides that we could take the wee girl on – and she particularly enjoyed the flying shoes and whales!

The rides and attractions all have a fairy tale or nursery rhyme theme and you may come across Cinderella, Humpty Dumpty, Mother Hubbard or Red Riding Hood as you walk around the park.

The park is celebrating it’s 60th anniversary this year, and having spent two days there without a whinge or complaint or an I’m bored from either of the boys, I can see why it has lasted so well – and why it was so highly recommended. You can see from the photos how laughter filled our time there was.

We took advantage of the ‘final three, next day free’ offer, which means that if you arrive after 3pm and pay full admission, you can come back the next (or any other) day for free. This allowed us to get a good feel for the park, enjoy a number of the rides and then come back the next day armed with a plan!

We ended up buying Seasons Passes, which we could offset our initial admission against, cost less than three visits to the park and are valid until the end of the 2014 season – again taking advantage of an offer! This meant that we actually visited on three separate occasions while we were up there :) And we are already talking about doing a weekend in September, before the end of this season!

With two full days, hundreds of photos and lots of stories, this trip will run to two posts – so keep an eye out for Part [2] in which you will see me looking terrified on the roller coaster… in Part [1] you will see me looking terrified on the log flume ride!

Our adventures in Storyland – the water chronicles

There were two outright winners for favourite rides – Dr Geyser’s Remarkable Raft Ride and Bamboo Chutes!

The raft ride was the first ride we went on, and we all loved it! The wee girl was too small for this one, so hubby and I took turns to take the boys on it.

And, yes the 4yo wasn’t wet enough when he got out off the ride and had to go running through fountains too :)

Next it was my turn…

My favoured gesture would appear to be jazz hands!

The following day we discovered Bamboo Chutes – the log flume ride… I think the pictures speak for themselves really *ahem*.

Firstly, just to give you an idea of the drop…

I was fine, at the start…

Hubby also made some interesting faces :)

The 7yo loved this ride, and went on it as often as he could. He was tall enough to go on all the rides by himself, so while I took the 4yo back to the rafts (once was enough for me on the Chutes!), hubby looked after the wee girl and the 7yo was able to go on again and again!

There was another ride that the boys loved, all three of them – Splash Battle – but there was no decent angle to take photos. The wee girl was able to go on this one, so I let the four of them go and watched from a safe distance! The ‘battle’ involved squirting water from a boat to the shore where passersby could shoot back at the boats! Everyone, in and out of the boats got very wet, including the wee girl. We got some photos of her not long after, still soaking wet!

We also went on two boat trips – definitely aimed at the younger children – the Swan Boat and the Pirate Ship. The 4yo loved the Pirate Ship, rowing for all he was worth!
The Swan Boat and magic island

Buccaneer Pirate Ship

There were lots of ‘dry’ rides too, including flying shoes, flying fish, spinning tea cups, and of course the Polar Coaster… photos of mummy and daddy pulling some more funny faces to follow in Part [2]!

I am linking up with the wonderful Coombe Mill’s Country Kids again this week. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

36 thoughts on “Summer holidays: Storyland Part 1”

  1. It sounds like so much fun! I love those water rides – and you had sunshine! The sun has been hiding here in Maine – I’m thinking about getting one of those lamps for SAD. Ha.

  2. These all look fab! I think a theme park for 2-12 year olds would be ideal for me too! I’m not so keen on the scary rides these days ;) Look forward to your next post and more beautiful photos.

  3. Loved looking through your pics! I have always been terrified of the flume rides….I think I hate climbing up slowly more than going down hehe…things we do for our kids…only ever once on a rollercoaster though, I’m not that good a parent…can’t wait to see part 2! So many lovely happy faces, fab idea to have a park geared toward younger children!

  4. That looks great! We visited somewhere similar in Derbyshire this week! Didn’t have such nice weather though – love your photos your children look like they are having such a great time

  5. wow just wow that looks so much fun! i love all your exhilerated smiling faces and look how wet you all are. you look so alive! looks like it was worth the visit and i would imagine you all slept well that night x

  6. Nichola fabfortymum

    Oh Sara, this looks like enormous fun, the pictures are fabulous, you have really captured the fun in every single shot. I love the pictures of your wee girl with her wet hair, they are adorable. It really does sound like you got a great deal and I don’t blame you for wanting to go back in Sept. You need to go back then just to be sure you don’t forget how to do those Jazz hands! :)

  7. Your pictures are so lovely. They have such character and story behind them. Im so impressed aswell that your 7yr old went on rides himself confidently & alone. I hope my lil solidier is so brave at that age :):) x

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