Summer holidays: Storyland Part 2

Our first holiday as a five really was an amazing trip for us.

Storyland was definitely the highlight :) The boys loved it. The wee girl wanted to go on everything and was most annoyed when she wasn’t allowed to! Mummy and Daddy had quite a lot of fun too :)

In the end we spent a full two days there and you can read Part 1, all about our water experiences, here!

But, there was so much more than the water rides, and the ‘dry’ ones were where the wee girl really got to join in.

Storyland – speed, spinning, smiles and screams!

When we arrived in the park for our full day there, we headed to the play parks that we hadn’t been to the afternoon before. The wee girl is getting more confident climbing, but still wanted a little help from daddy!

Then on to our first ride of the day, and the first that all five of us could go on together. Alice’s Spinning Tea Cups were a big hit! Even before the ride started the wee girl was pushing the bars trying to make the ride go. Once it started the grins and squeals were fabulous :) Although, I have to admit that mummy didn’t like the spinning too much…!

The boys loved the Loopy Lab. Collecting balls to fire at targets, people, each other, the sky; filling up boxes until they overflowed and spilled on everyone’s heads; watching balls shooting through tubes! I think they could probably have spent several hours in there!

The kids get to take over on the Antique Cars, and the 7yo was thrilled to drive us around! Although his legs weren’t quite long enough to press the go pedal, so mummy did that for him :)

The flying Dutch Shoes were a favourite of the wee girls (and the 4yo’s), as were the Whirling Whales. The wee girl quite enjoyed the Great Balloon Chase (a mini Ferris wheel), with the wind in her hair, she loved every minute :) The 7yo loved the Flying Fish!

Then it was time for mummy and daddy to pull some more funny faces… The Polar Coaster! This is a tiny roller coaster really, it is aimed at children after all, but it was enough to make me scream :)

Hubby was just showing off, looking so calm…!

Would you believe that I actually went on the Polar Coaster twice? I’d like to think I squealed less the second time, but I didn’t!

With rides to experience; play parks to run, climb and slide in; animals to watch; ice cream to slurp; sprinklers to run through; picnics to eat – the trip had everything! We all had a great time, and we can’t wait to go back!

I’ve linked this post up to #PoCoLo from Verily, Victoria Vocalises hosted this week by the lovely Jaime at The Oliver’s Madhouse.

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35 thoughts on “Summer holidays: Storyland Part 2”

  1. What a wonderful holiday you guys had! I’m embarrassed to say I usually feel sick on the teacups ride! And I still don’t like the look of the rollercoaster….very brave of you! Love the pics of those gorgeous little faces having so much fun!

  2. it looks like an excellent holiday! Great photos :) Up until now, I’ve always let the boys do all the rides and stayed with my two feet safely on the ground. But looking at your lovely photos, I really am reconsidering…

  3. I love this place, especially the Loopy Lab and the Antique cars! We’re going on vacation with out toddler for the first time this year…hope he has fun like your little girl!

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