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Paris was somewhere that I had always wanted to go. I imagined a romantic get away, strolling along pretty streets, sitting in pavement cafes watching the world go by, spending hours in the wonderful art galleries, sipping champagne in chic bars.

I finally made it to Paris in May 2007, with my gorgeous husband… And our 10 month old son, my sister and brother-in-law and my mother :)

My sister and her husband had rented a lovely apartment, and we all took advantage of this and joined them there!

We had a wonderful time. It was a week of lovely food, amazing baguettes and fabulous cheeses; sampling the local wines; visiting the sights, the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur; absorbing the fabulous art in the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay. It was a week of firsts, our oldest discovered he could walk if he held our hands (which was the start of several back breaking months!); he sampled his first ice lolly, his first slice of lemon (the video of that is hilarious, mean parents!). It wasn’t quite the trip I had imagined, but it was amazing nonetheless.

We returned home, and I thought, well that’s that ticked off our list. Where to next?

Well, that would be Paris, again. Exactly a year later, we were back. This time with my in-laws :)

We rented a stunning apartment, making it very clear that we had a toddler at the time of booking… The owners had clearly missed/ignored this fact and appeared somewhat surprised (read: panicked) to see a small person arriving! The apartment was full of artwork, glass tables and ornaments… What followed was one of my more stressful half hours as my husband sorted out keys, deposits etc. and I chased an excitable toddler around while assuring a very nervous Frenchwoman that her fragile objects were perfectly safe…

Once they left, we hid everything reachable/breakable in a cupboard!

The apartment looked up towards Sacre Coeur and at night, this was our view.

[My husband had a new camera and spent hours messing around with it!]

This view, and the lovely week we spent revisiting and remembering our previous visit, while making new memories with my in-laws, more than made up for our rather shaky start!

Now, we just need to go back with all of our children (and other assorted family members!).

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25 thoughts on “What’s the Story: Paris”

  1. Wow what a wonderful post Sara, such amazing memories too. I love the photos and I’m hoping if you had the in-laws you had some you time too. Such a fabulous post, thank you so much for sharing #whatsthestory

  2. Would love to go to Paris! We plan on going to Paris Disneyland when my daughter turns 4 next year. Hopefully, we’ll have the time too to go around Paris like you guys did! :) #WhatsTheStory.

  3. The pictures of Sacre Coeur are beautiful. Makes me miss Paris. I’ve actually not been there since I had my two so it will interesting to see it as a ‘family.’ In contrast I used to go there frequently – either covering a story as a journalist or visiting friends. These past visits usually included late night clubbing, fab restaurants and art museums!

  4. Oh, that view! Stunning. I love Paris – the Musee D’Orsay is probably my favourite ‘sight’. Hope you all get back there again sometime soon, & the image of that apartment with a toddler had me smiling!

  5. Oh wow, we are off to EuroDisney at some point next year and I want to visit Paris whilst we are there too! Can’t wait. Looks like you had an amazing time x

  6. I adore Paris! My first visit was with school when I was 12 – and I can remember every moment of that trip. I was last there about 10 years ago I guess. Seeing the Eiffel Tower at night covered in lights looking like an expensive diamond ornament is something I will never forget.

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  8. Hi, i’ve been waiting all week to reply to this post. We went to Paris for the first time this year and i can truly say that it is one of the best holidays i ever had. As a belated birthday present my husband organised all the tourist sights, which were all worth it. However my trip to the Louvre was magical. A place i have wanted to visit for years and was amazing, i could have spent a week there. What was even better was that Olivia got to experience it with us and she soaked up everything Paris had to offer. A place i would go back to tomorrow. Thanks for letting me remember through your post.

    1. Oh, thank you! And I’m so glad it brought back good memories :) I loved the galleries, definitely my favourite part of our visits. I really want to go back with the whole family, when the kids can really enjoy it too.

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