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Until last year, we (and by that, I really mean the children) had never had a photo taken with Santa. But, until last year there were many things we hadn’t done!

As we headed towards our first Thanksgiving in the US, people kept telling me they were off to get their annual Santa photo done. In a way that said, aren’t you going to get yours done too? It seemed to be a tradition for many families.

So, I decided that we needed to do it!

After we had the photo done, apart from wishing I’d brushed my hair, I realised that it was the very first photo of all five of us together (plus a strange bloke with a beard!). In the madness of the move, and then settling in, we had never made the time for a family portrait. So, for all that it may be cheesy, it is a very special picture.

Today we got this years photo done. Same place, same Santa!

Seeing the difference a year has made, in all of us, is wonderful. I for one feel, and look, more relaxed and happy. We are all more settled.

And, I think we have the beginnings of a new family tradition!

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42 thoughts on “What’s the Story: Santa photo”

  1. I’m also posting some photos with Father Christmas for #WhatstheStory and #MagicMoments. Love your family photos with Santa Claus! Your family will look back at these photos fondly… Great for those “remember when… ” moments :) x

  2. Kriss MacDonald

    I laughed out loud when you said it was the first family photo with a strange bloke with a beard. Lovely family portraits both years!

  3. Fabulous photos Sara and what a lovely thing to do. I love both of them! Well done doing it too, I’ve just realised we have no photos of us as a family! You all look so well and you’re all looking at the camera! Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

  4. What lovely photos. Got me to thinking, I don’t think we have had a family photo of the three of us since August 2012! x

  5. Wicked World of Lucas

    I am loving that we can see the difference a year makes and both photos are gorgeous. Your family are beautiful. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving x #magicmoments #whatsthestory

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