mumturnedmom is one!

I can’t quite believe that my blog is turning one.

On 16 December last year I wrote a very short introductory post and sent it out there in to the ether. I was surprised to find people commented!

I wrote my first real post the following day. Last Friday marked the one year anniversary of the events at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown and it was this tragedy that was in part responsible for me finally starting to write. Life was put in to stark perspective that day, and I realised just how lucky I was. I didn’t want to waste another minute procrastinating. I had always intended to document our new life and adventures, and it was about time I started.

What an amazing year it has been!

I had no idea when I started writing my on-line diary (as I thought of it then) that there was this incredible community out there just waiting for me to join. My initial intention was to write a journal. One that we could look back on in the future, and one that friends and family could read to keep up with our adventures – so that I didn’t have to write endless emails!

But, it has become so much more than that, and I love it!

It has been an incredible journey. I discovered other blogs; I discovered linkys!

I have been encouraged to write about the present, remember the past and look to the future.

I have been inspired to make memories, not just record them.

My blog has developed from one that simply narrated our activities to one that considers our experiences and what they mean for us as a family. I have written about identity, motherhood, friendship and childhood. I have crafted and baked and experimented. I have captured the ordinary along with the extraordinary.

I have made some wonderful friends. I have found a friendly, supportive, funny and talented community of bloggers that I am very proud to part of. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has read, commented and supported me over the last year. The positive and thoughtful comments mean the world to me, as do the chats on twitter!

I would love to mention everyone who has inspired me, but I am terrified that I would forget someone! Special mention has to go to the wonderful Fiona at Coombemill though, whose fabulous Country Kids linky has completely changed the way I view outdoor time with the kids – without fail, whatever the weather, we get outside and we have made some wonderful memories.

My most viewed post remains one that I wrote to mark the birthday of a beautiful star in the sky, Matilda Mae. The next, my very first messy play post, inspired by Matilda Mae’s mother.

My easy apple pie has proved rather popular too – it would seem more people have my approach to baking than I thought! And, my seven year old has entertained you all with his persuasive letters, this one being the most popular!

My proudest moment was being short listed in a small writing competition, with this post on the Juggle of Modern Motherhood.

Over the year I have discovered a real love of writing, and of photography. I have had so much fun, trying different styles and exploring different subjects. I feel that I am now finding my own voice.

I can’t wait to see what the next year brings… And I hope that you will stay with me as I continue on this wonderful adventure with my family.

55 thoughts on “mumturnedmom is one!”

  1. Happy Birthday to you! I started to read your blog because I was nosy to see what it was like to live in America but it’s your writing that has kept me as a reader!

  2. Happy blog birthday! I always enjoy reading your blog and I really appreciate your frequent visits to mine. Here’s to the next year!

  3. Happy Blog Birthday Sara! Yeah – this gives me a chance to thank you. I found your blog i think through a linky (country kids?) and immediately related to many of your posts as I also had just moved from UK to US (although I’m a dual national). But it was through blogs like yours, and your support whether in social media or comments, that I’ve discovered a wonderful world of bloggers and Mums & Moms. So thank you.

  4. All the best to you for the year ahead, I hope your blog gets bigger and bigger! I technically started blogging on the same day as you, but will celebrate my blogiversary in January when I registered my domain name!

  5. Oh how wonderful! I never realised the community that I would enter into when I started blogging either, it really is incredible. Here’s to another great year of blogging for you!
    Popping over from #MagicMoments

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