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I wrote a post on being a big brother last week, and I mentioned that we have come to realise how important it is for our middle child to have time being the ‘older’ brother as well as the younger.

On Fridays the 4yo isn’t in preschool, so he and the wee girl get to spend the morning together. They play games, play in the wee girls kitchen, build Lego, watch programmes that the 7yo now hates! It’s their time to do ‘little kid’ things and I have noticed recently how much the 4yo enjoys it.

For all that he adores his big brother, and wants to play the games the 7yo enjoys, he isn’t really able to keep up yet. Playing on the wii or with Lego; or with beyblades or the rainbow loom, he’s just not quite there yet and the games often end in tears of frustration as the 7yo beats him again (with the 7yo, everything is a competition, even Lego!).

So, on a Friday, he gets to choose what games to play, what TV to watch and he gets to ‘win’. Although, that isn’t how he plays when he’s with the wee girl – it’s more about fun and laughter and seeing how much he can make her giggle by pulling faces or falling over.

And, once they’ve tired each other out they like to sit on the sofa, snuggled up and watching Curious George; just happy to be together.


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49 thoughts on “Ordinary Moments: little brother/big brother”

  1. Such beautiful photos, a really cute wee friendship captured here. It’ll be great to show then when they are tearing out eachothers hair one day!!

  2. Alexandra Mercer (Broody Me)

    Sounds like your middle child has the best of both worlds and is building really strong bonds with each of his siblings x #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. Aww that’s so lovely, he obviously has the best of both worlds. He can do the fun big boy stuff with older brother and still be a baby around his younger sister, I think he has the ideal situation there, always a perk being the middle child. Those photos are so cute.

  4. Kriss @OverthertoHere

    I love how these posts remind me how the small and ordinary moments are so special and ones to treasure. Lovely photos too!

  5. This is very sweet and how lovely that you make sure he gets to spend time doing both big and little brother things.
    Ps i love bunny, very cute! Arthur has a bunny comforter that he absolutely loves, right now it stays in his bed for sleep time but i’m sure it won’t be long till that reaches the sofa and then the greater world of outside (which terrifies me, it would be awful if he got lost!!!) x

    1. Thank you! Rabbit is supposed to stay in the cot, but does sneak downstairs every so often, and even more rarely outside! It would be very bad to lose rabbit! We actually have two of them,identical, but she has a favourite… :)

    1. I hadn’t really noticed it until recently, but he plays so differently when he’s with the wee girl, and it’s lovely x

  6. Thank you EVER so much for linky up. What a beautiful post. The pictures are gorgeous of your kiddies. I love that he sucks his fingers, Buba started doing this about four weeks ago and does it constantly now. Sibling bonding is beautiful and precious. I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

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