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047: Snuggle: enjoying a moment together in the big hotel bed in Dublin :)
048: Smile: one boy very happy to be in Edinburgh.
049: Comfort: 4yo enjoying my aunts wonderful homemade soup.
050: Home: tea and a cheese scone in M&S!
051: Snow?: the wee girl was slightly unsure of some fake snow…
052: Yum: a wonderful lunch at Wagamama in Edinburgh; tweezer chop sticks!
053: Celebrate: a wonderful birthday meal in Dublin.

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18 thoughts on “Project 365: 047-053”

  1. Oh wow suddenly it feels like you’re so close because you’re about 5 hours away on the same land :) I love those tweezer chopsticks. Z always uses them whenever we go to Tampopo for noodles.

    1. It’s been very strange being in the same time zone as everyone :) I hadn’t seen the tweezer chop sticks before, we managed to snaffle a few pairs to take home!

  2. As I was scrolling down I was thinking ‘that tea looks too good for the states’! Hope you’re having a lovely time here x

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