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There are many words I could use for this week: family, friends, fun, exhausting, sleepless, organised, hectic. But, sociable is the over riding feeling!

We flew to Dublin last Thursday night, spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday catching up with my husbands family; with family lunches, dinners, restaurants and a basketball match thrown in. We got up at 4.15am on Monday morning to fly to Edinburgh. Then it got really mad…!

In five days we:
Saw family; my mum (granny) my aunt, uncle, cousin and grandmother (great granny). Saw friends; two evenings out (unheard of!), two meetings for coffee, a trip to the Museum of Scotland, a visit to a soft play and two lunches (I only managed the last five minutes of the first one!). Went shopping; has to be done, trips to Next and M&S!

Now we’re back in Dublin for a few days; big family meal tonight, meeting friends, more shopping…

I need a rest!

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10 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Sociable”

  1. thereadingresidence

    So sociable!! You will need a holiday after this holiday! Sounds like a whirlwind of mad fun, though :) Thanks for pausing and stopping by with your #WotW x

  2. Funny how you always feel like you need a rest after going away! It sounds like you have had a great time and managed to catch up with a lot of people. Mel

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