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I’ve blogged before about how grateful I am that the kids have all got to spend time with my grandmother, and vice versa. Last week, while we were home, our priority was a visit with great granny.

Regular readers will know that my grandmother celebrated her 99th birthday last year, so has now entered her 100th year. While this is an incredible achievement, and she is quite simply amazing for her age, I am realistic enough to know that these visits are becoming more important and more precious.

I was particularly keen for her to see the wee girl, as she was only eleven months old the last time we were able to visit. The wee girl did not disappoint and ran around in a giggly, entertaining, happy circle for the duration of our visit. I was also very impressed with how good the boys were, and how wonderfully they engaged with great granny. It meant the world to me, as I’m sure it did to my grandmother.

These photos make me smile, but they also make me feel very emotional. I clearly remember the wonderful times I spent with my grandmother when I was a child. She was so much fun; she painted my nails and let me borrow her shoes (I have her to thank for my own shoe obsession!). I am so glad that my children have been able to meet her.

Treasured moments.




Have your children been lucky enough to meet any of their great grandparents?

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56 thoughts on “Special moments with Great Granny”

  1. My children have been very lucky! My grandfather passed away 3 weeks ago aged 85 & we feel very lucky to have had lots of memories of him & enjoyed his company!!

  2. That is so wonderful that they can spend time with their great granny. =) My little guy is lucky enough to have 2 sets of great grandparents, one of which was actually able to come see us in NL last spring. It’s a wonderful, thing to see, and I feel blessed that it’s possible.

  3. Caroline (Becoming a SAHM)

    Oh what a wonderful post and the pics of the kids giving her a hug made my heart melt. So wonderful that the kids get to spend some time with her, especially as you have such wonderful memories of her and you were clearly very close. Just lovely! #whatsthestory

    1. It was lovely, I wish we were able to see her more often, it’s one of the hardest things about being so far away.

  4. Oh Sara what a wonderful post, it must be great for all of you to see her. I just love the photos, you can see the love and emotion in everyone but in a great way. Must have been brilliant for her to see wee girl. Thank you so much for sharing with #whatsthestory

    1. I was so pleased that the wee girl was in such good form, she made everyone laugh, it was lovely x Thanks for hosting Charly x

  5. Aww. The photos left me teary-eyed! These are precious moments indeed. Your kids are lucky to have met their mum’s grandmother and will have their own memories to remember her by. #MagicMoments.

  6. How wonderful, they are beautiful photos. Sadly Monkey only has one set of grandparents, Daddy P’s parents were a generation older, and my Granny died 10 years ago. We’re off to celebrate Granny’s 70th birthday so Monkey will be getting some Granny cuddles very soon #magicmoments

  7. Wicked World of Lucas

    I’ve been in tears reading this but in a good way. I know how precious it is to make sure our kids get to spend time with those important to us and this post is beautiful – the photos made it for me. Them cuddling their great-nan – so emotional. Beautiful post hun – definitely one of my favourites this week xx #magicmoments #whatsthestort

    1. Oh thank you Cathie. I have to admit I was doing okay until I actually looked at the photos. It was am emotional post to write xx

  8. Oh how wonderful. Neither of my two met their great grandparents and it must be so incredibly special to have all those generations together like that. No wonder you felt emotional, I would have too :) I hope you had a lovely week back over here.

  9. thereadingresidence

    These are such lovely photos, and I can well imagine how important and treasured they are to you. The kids didn’t get to meet any of my grandparents, though Boo met the Husband’s nan a few times before she passed on a couple of years ago. It is lovely to see the love across the generations, so thank you for sharing x

    1. Absolutely, very lucky indeed! I do make an effort to take photos, but without making too big a deal of it… I wish we were closer though x

  10. Sadly no. We are much older parents so my grandmother died 15 years before son was born. He even has a grandfather who fought in WW1 and an uncle in WW2! Lovely photos of your Gran. You can see the love :)

    1. Thanks Jo, I do think my children have been very lucky, especially as their great granny is now 99! Not many can say that :)

  11. Oh what amazing memories! Your Grandmother looks amazing for 99, what is her secret?! Our little ones have been lucky enough to meet half of their great grandparents and still have 3 left. I think it is so important to have these memories.

    1. I wish I knew her secret, although I’m hoping it’s in the genes :) Your two are super lucky to have three great grandparents to spoil them :)

  12. I so get this! My wee man got to meet his great gran when she was 100…she nearly made it to 102 before sadly passing away. It’s funny how you are never prepared. My wee man seemed to sense he needed to be a little bit gentle with her and she just loved all the attention he showed her. Definitely a magical moment.

    1. My boys, especially the 4yo, were just wonderful with her. Very special to see, and I’m so glad that she was able to see them like that too.

  13. Wow – 100! That’s pretty special and she doesn’t look a day over 80 either! Lovely that your children have met her. My children did not get to meet any Great Grandparents as I started my parenting journey pretty late and my last grandparent standing (my Nana) died in 2003. Mind you I never got to meet any great grandparents either!

    1. I’m hoping that it’s in the genes :) I do feel that my children have been very lucky to meet her. And, I feel lucky that I got to see it x

  14. These pictures really moved me, I lost my Grandma at nearly 97 a few months ago and times with your grandparents are so precious. Thanks for sharing this lovely post-such a beautiful family x

  15. The cuddles of the children with your grandmother are so genuine… I do not doubt for a second that you will cherish those pictures (and treasure the memories) for a long, long time. x Mel

  16. How wonderful to have a Great Gran and she doesn’t look her years at all! So pleased you all got to come and visit her, she looks thrilled to be there with the children.

  17. Oh this is such a lovely dedicated post to your grandmother. She looks AMAZING for her age, I couldn’t believe it! The pictures are truly so beautiful and what a moment to capture. you will cherish these pictures forever and of course the memories. Thank you ever so much for sharing and linking up to Share With Me. I love to get to know more about you and your lovely blog! ;)

  18. Those photos are so so sweet and very special. My last grandparent, my grandma, sadly passed away about 6 months after I got married and I got pregnant a couple of months after she died so she never got to meet Little Z. I reckon Little Z would have been in awe of her electric wheelchair and she would have constantly told him to sit down :)

    1. It’s lovely that you can imagine just how it would have been, but I’m very sorry that she didn’t get to meet your amazing Z x

  19. oh look at granny! i’m lucky to have both of mine, both 91. my abuela is very poorly i have no idea how she has made it so far, she’s met ronnie but sadly she has no recollection of him. nanny minnie has all her marbles and they way her face lights up when she see’s ronnie is absolutely priceless x

  20. I love these photos Sara and your Gran reminds me so much of mine, who I have written many posts about. She also used to paint my nails (and at 92 still does her own!), I used to always wear her shoes too. Your Gran must have treasured this day too but yes, a real mix of emotions.

    1. Thank Suzanne, definitely mixed emotions. It’s things like this that make it really tough being so far away x

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