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054: Grandfather: happy birthday Pop.
055: Shopping: the fun of being home, not excessive at all :)
056: Goodbye: waiting at Dublin airport for our flight to Boston.
057: Jetlag: completely forgot to take a photo, had to do a ‘sleeping child shot’!
058: Amaryllis: it finally gave up and shed it’s flowers.
059: Ice: this is the result of hubby trying to clear ice off our driveway…
060: Me-time: a lovely quiet trip to the hairdressers :)

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40 thoughts on “Project 365: 054-060”

  1. These are all lovely although I couldn’t get my eyes of the shopping spree. Looks like you did well! lol haha I do the same when I go back to the states. I load up my favorites. I bet it was so amazing being home again.

  2. 76 sunflowers

    I’ve not travelled much but I have flown from both Dublin and Boston airports :) Hope you enjoyed your pampering at the hairdressers!

    1. Thank you, we survived the journey and my hair is indeed swishy (although it was getting rid of the grey in the roots that was my main objective!).

  3. Awwww Granpa Cuddles is my best photo… and shopping isn’t shopping unless you have lots of bags :) #PoCoLo

  4. Hope you had a lovely trip home. I would say it would be essential to go to Next and all those other shops! ;)

  5. back in the U S of A then (and the snow). did you miss it or do you now miss your old home more? Must be tiring for you all travelling all that way but lovely to catch up with friends and family. Lovely photo of your daughter looking into her Pop’s face x x

    1. It’s funny, I think I’ve hit a point where both the UK and US are home in their own ways… We had a lovely trip, thank you x

  6. Fab photos – I love the wee girl with her grandfather and also father. And that’s one very tired sleeping boy.

  7. Don’t know abut anyone else but all I’m seeing is the shopping haul and the highlights!! Two things I’d love right now :) Hope you had a great trip, it’s so difficult I bet leaving :( xx

  8. Hope that you had a wonderful shopping trip with plenty of bargains? I think that the ice and snow just need to leave you alone now, it’s getting silly.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

    1. It was a very fun shopping trip, and a good few bargains :) I will definitely be glad to see the back of the snow!

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