Pig Pancakes!


We are huge fans of pancakes in our house and they are a regular on the menu.

We often have pancakes for breakfast; favouring the thick, fluffy variety; and accompanying them with maple syrup, crispy bacon and scrambled eggs. When in Rome and all that :)

They also appear on the dinner menu once every couple of weeks; served with fresh fruit (and scooshy cream!).

When it comes to Pancake Tuesday, pancakes aren’t really a treat anymore!

But I couldn’t bring myself to let the day pass without making pancakes, I just had to do something to make them a little bit special for the kids.

So… meet our pig pancakes!



The boys thought they were great, although I do think the 7yo wondered what had got into me!

Anyway, I’m now thinking about what animal I can do next, a sheep or a cow maybe… :)

The pancake recipe I use is very basic, more of a ratio of ingredients multiplied as necessary!

1 to 2 cup(s) flour [depending on whether I want thin crepes or thick fluffy pancakes; for my pig pancakes I went for 1 cup!]
1 cup water
1 egg

Although I generally use a pancake flour mix; in this case a buttermilk one from Trader Joes; for a better flavour.

Add to that some sliced banana, chocolate chips, scooshy cream, and pink cake sprinkles and, voila, you have pig pancakes!

What kind of pancakes did you have yesterday?


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39 thoughts on “Pig Pancakes!”

  1. Oh wow Sara these look awesome!! I just adore the look on their faces in the first photo too – especially the wee girl! We had bloaty Nutella and banana pancakes, naughty but very very good!

  2. I am so impressed with your amazing pig pancakes. So clever and so cute! My kids would have loved it. I only realized it was pancake day in the afternoon and had already sharing my cinnamon banana recipe that morning. boo. Maybe next year. hahaha I will definitely have to try the pig out too! Thank you so much for joining in Share With Me. I love reading your posts and appreciate the support. ;) #sharewithme

  3. We had pancakes this morning. I happened to have an early morning meeting so didn’t go straight into work as usual, which meant I had more time. Which was a total treat in itself.

    Great idea to make the pancakes special in such a creative way.

    1. Thank you! We quite often have pancakes for breakfast :) Only since we moved to the US though, clearly been influenced!

  4. Ha, this is brilliant! We just had the boring old lemon and sugar with a splash of syrup. I’ve never been very imaginative/creative when it comes to stuff like this – where was pinterest when my kids were small?!

    1. Thank you :) We have pancakes so often that I felt I needed to do something a bit different yesterday!

  5. These are awesome!!! We have pancakes all the time too but I’m ashamed to say I forgot it was pancake day :(
    Guess ill just have to eat an extra one at the weekend :) xx

    1. I almost forgot! And also considered forgetting about it as we’d had pancakes at the weekend, but in the end couldn’t resist doing something silly for the kids :)

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