Make: paper bag puppy puppets!


As regular readers will know, the 4yo isn’t in preschool on a Friday. So, we get to spend the morning together and I always try to have an activity lined up; whether that’s a play date, a trip to the park, baking or a craft activity.

This Friday we baked cupcakes and did a craft!

Denise over at Mum on a Mission for a Better Life is starting a new themed Family Fun linky, and her first theme is dogs. So, I had a quick look on Pinterest for inspiration, found a few ideas and let the 4yo choose which he wanted to do.

He chose to make paper bag puppets. We made a dog, but then had to make a cat too :)

You will need:
Paper bags, we used brown but white or black would work too
White, black, brown and pink construction paper
Black marker

Fold the corners of the bottom of the bag in to make a face shape. You can glue the corners in place, although we didn’t bother. Then cut out shapes for ears, face, tongue and tummy. The 4yo chose the shapes we would use, and I cut them out for him – he’s very particular! Glue these shapes on to the bag. Then draw (or use black paper) a nose and eyes. In our case, the eyes had to be blue crayon for the puppy… You can always add a belly button too, should you feel the need?! The 4yo was very insistent on this :) And, it’s much more fun if you pretend to be a dog too!






I’m not entirely convinced by the cats face, I think we could have made a slightly better job of that, but the 4yo loved them. He couldn’t wait to play with them and as soon as they were finished the dog was chasing the cat around the room!





Definitely a success, and definitely fun :)

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37 thoughts on “Make: paper bag puppy puppets!”

  1. This is such a simple and cute idea! I love the craft ideas in which I can re-use something already at hand.

    1. He loved it, especially as it was easy and he could do most of it himself. He loved playing with them :)

  2. This is such a clever idea. My youngest is loving making things out of paper at the moment so I’m sure she would love this, although she’s probably make a monster to chase me with!

    1. It was so easy, and the 4yo did most of it himself, I just cut the shapes he wanted out for him – and to be honest if I’d managed to find the safety scissors (!) I’d have let him do that bit too :)

  3. Ash the Dog says – I hope you don’t mind but I really wanted to comment on this rather handsome puppy puppet. Am so pleased there was a #minicreation that is doggy related. Woofingly Mega Job xx

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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