The Prompt 9: Spring

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The Prompt 9: Spring

It’s difficult to imagine Spring when there is still snow on the ground. I have yet to see any of the tell tale signs that a change in season is approaching; no buds, no new shoots. Blue skies alone do not a Spring day make.

Spring is in hiding, and along with it, my inspiration.

Spring is a time of new beginnings; fresh and exciting; young and vibrant.

But, with Winter still holding us in its icy grasp, the opportunities of Spring seem very far away.

Perhaps this is just an excuse on my part; a way to hibernate a little longer! A way to delay; to procrastinate before committing to any new projects.

My mind is still fuzzy with snow; slowed by freezing temperatures; reluctant to plan. This long, cold winter has left me tired and lethargic.

But, Spring cannot be far away now! Longer days; sunshine; warmth; light. The sun on my face, reinvigorating and replenishing.

It is time for colour to return; for the vibrant greens and happy yellows to reappear and brighten our days; for splashes of pinks and purples and reds to make us smile.

Spring will be all the more welcome this year; it will be appreciated and enjoyed. Celebrated.

It will inspire!

If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome. Anne Bradstreet

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26 thoughts on “The Prompt 9: Spring”

  1. Every day I keep hoping for spring to come…but now I’m just pretending in my head it is even though my hands are freezing.

    1. I know once we move in to spring, we very quickly move to summer and it will be lovely, but I really am done with the snow now :)

  2. I have friends who have been living in New York for the past two years and they have just a couple of weeks ago moved back here – sounds like they have timed that move really well!! Good choice of prompt this week Sara – I’ve really enjoyed reading about everyone’s aspirations for the new season.

    1. Thank you Samantha x I’m glad you enjoyed #ThePrompt – reading everyone else’s posts has put me in a rather more positive frame of mind :)

  3. I’ve always thought lots of snow would make winter better, but my Canadian friend who grew up near Toronto assures me that’s not the case! I hope it clears soon and you have your warm sun and inspiration x

  4. I’m so ready for spring to arrive – I thought we were getting there a week ago when the sun was out but now we’re back to howling gales and pouring rain! It must be hard having snow still, although I was a bit sad we didn’t get any snow this year. There’s still time I suppose – I’m sure you know that anything is possible with the Scottish weather!

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