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On Easter Sunday it was time for an egg hunt. It was the first time the wee girl had joined in too and you can read more about it here.

While watching them run around excitedly I was snapping away, in the hope that I would get some decent photos! Although most of the time they were moving so fast they were simply a blur across the image :)

But, as I flicked through the photos afterwards these three jumped out at me.

My serious 7yo, who isn’t quite so keen on having his photo taken anymore. Who will either make a face or just stand there refusing to really smile. He’s growing up. This week he told me that I had to wait for him to hug me first and that I wasn’t allowed to stroke his face anymore… *sniff*

My excitable 5yo, who finds joy in everything. His excitement at even the simplest of things is refreshing and reminds me to take notice of those ordinary moments.

My curious 2yo, to whom everything is new and exciting and full of wonder. I would do well to look at the world through her eyes from time to time.

I’m joining in with the lovely Actually Mummy’s new linky Expressions again today. It’s rare that I get a nice photo of all three on the same day!

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16 thoughts on “Expressions: Easter”

    1. I know! It’s just been the last few weeks, but all of a sudden I’m being told off for embarrassing him :( I guess it had to happen at some point :)

  1. Aww… does the not kissing in public comes this early now? 7? I really need to enjoy the hugs & kisses now while they are still available. Love your photos! 3 different people with 3 interesting #expressions

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