How to make a Skylanders Portal of Power Cake

My seven (very soon to be eight) year old is a big Skylanders fan. Aren’t they all?! When I asked him what kind of cake he would like for his birthday party he asked me to surprise him, which was helpful… So, I thought I’d try my hand at making a Skylanders Portal of Power.

I found a few images on Pinterest, but no suggested method… So, armed with some fondant icing and a portal as a guide, I set to making the cake.

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How to make a Skylanders Portal of Power Cake: easy step by step instructions to make a portal of power. Easily adapted for different portals! #skylanders #skylanderscake

As always, I was doing all of this at the last minute, so cheated with a cake mix. I thought that decorating it would take a long time, and as I had an evening to get it all done, I wanted to get started as quickly as I could.

So, I baked a simple two layer white sponge and layered it with raspberry jam and a basic buttercream. Then I made a start on creating a Portal.

You will need:
9 inch baking tin
White ready to roll fondant
Black ready to roll fondant
Edible adhesive (optional)
A fondant rolling pin (optional, but highly recommended)

Portal of Power Cake 1

1. Make a round two layer cake, with your choice of filling.
2. Roll out a circle of white fondant to cover the top of the cake. This doesn’t have to be perfect at the edge because the ‘stone’ will cover it. I had never used a proper fondant rolling pin before, but I bought one to make this cake, and I cannot recommend it highly enough, no sticking and a perfectly smooth finish! I put a layer of buttercream on to the top of the cake first, then laid the fondant on top.
3. Mix together white and black fondant. I used approximately 5 parts white to 1 part black (you could also use black food colouring). Knead the fondant until it is almost mixed, you’re making stone so a slightly swirly finish is more effective.
4. Roll out the grey fondant.

Portal of Power Cake 2

5. Cut strips of fondant long enough to cover the side of the cake and overlap the top by a centimetre or so.
6. I wanted to create a stone wall effect, so I started with icing strip, gap, icing strip. I used buttercream to help ‘stick’ the fondant to the side of the cake and also used a small drop of fondant adhesive to secure the fondant to the top of the cake. Wetting the icing slightly would do this job too.
7. Next I went around and filled in the gaps, overlapping the fondant very slightly to give the effect of stone slab edges.
8. Lastly I cut squares of fondant to put a final layer over each of the overlapping strips of fondant, creating a ‘top stone’. I took these a bit further onto the cake, again using a little fondant adhesive where needed, to create the stepped edge effect on the top of the cake.

Portal of Power Cake 3

To serve I popped a Skylander on the Portal and then used small blobs of ‘stone’ to secure candles around the edge.

I have to admit I was really pleased with the finished cake! It didn’t take me long to make at all, the fondant (Wilton brand) was really easy to work with and it was very quick to put the cake together. I probably spent an hour all told on the decoration. If I was doing it again, I’d pay more attention to the number of top stones so that they matched an actual Portal (!) and then cut out the Elements of Power symbols from black fondant and add them as a finishing touch.

And the best thing, of course, was the look on my son’s face when I brought the cake out. He was absolutely thrilled :)

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22 thoughts on “How to make a Skylanders Portal of Power Cake”

    1. Thanks! Oh, yes, I doubt you’ll escape this one, although maybe there will be something new by then!

  1. sarah hill wheeler (@hill_wheeler)

    I’m well impressed. A very professsional looking cake (love the portal and candles). All the better for being personal and unique! #TastyTuesdays.

  2. Oh this is fantastic! I love the challenge of trying to create a cake for them that’s personal and when they see it they really get that WOW moment. It has caused me to turn to gin before (the Postman Pat van of 2013 where Mrs Goggins looked very drunk) but it is such a special thing to make something with such love isn’t it? Anyway. That’s enough soppy cake talk from me ;)

  3. My sons birthday is coming so this be a good idea for him he is turning 12 years old so I thought this would be fun

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