Alphabet Photography Project: N is for… Nemo

N is for Nemo

In February 2013 we experienced our first real snowstorm here in the US; Nemo. In 24 hours nearly three feet of snow fell. We couldn’t open our doors in the morning! I hated it. I felt trapped by the snow. Unable to walk anywhere, take the buggy out, function in a ‘normal’ way. This photo summed up my feelings. This year, the snow storms were less severe, only a foot at a time! This year, I knew what to expect and I didn’t try to fight it. I accepted the limitations it brought and embraced the opportunities; sledging, snow men, snow painting. Winter this year may have been long, but it was fun.

Joining in with Charly’s Alphabet Photography Project over on PODCast.

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19 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project: N is for… Nemo”

  1. Wow, that’s a lot of snow!!! I do love snow days, a day off work and having so much fun with the kiddies but I think I would find that much snow a tad difficult if I couldn’t open the door! Xx

  2. Oh wow! That is an awful lot of snow!! It’s puts our snow-fall over here in the UK to shame but I can imagine it would have been quite scary not being able to open the doors x

  3. I think that would have done it for me, I’m not a big snow lover so would be totally freaking out. Glad they haven’t been so bad since.

  4. Jeepers! That’s a lot of snow. I don’t know how we’d get by over here with such extreme weather. If an inch of snow falls the country comes to a standstill, Heathrow closes and we call it a disaster. All the best for whatever next winter has to throw your way, Bonny

  5. I miss proper snow like that. We used to get really deep snow drifts where I grew up on the east coast of Canada. Now, living on a little remote island in the middle of the north sea warmed by the Gulf stream we get very little. #alphabetphoto

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