Country Kids: fun in our garden

Fun in our garden

It has been another hot week for us, gorgeously sunny. But, oh, the humidity! As a result, our time outdoors has actually been limited; we spent an hour at the park after school yesterday and it wiped us all out!

Today, our new fence was installed, enclosing a ‘back garden’ within our larger plot. The main aim of this has been to give the wee girl freedom outside; the fence designed to stop her from running too far and getting lost in the rest of the garden (I kid you not!), or worse, running down to the main road.

When we got back from school this afternoon, the kids were straight outside to investigate the ‘new’ garden! Well, the 5yo and wee girl anyway, the 8o declaring it too hot (can’t say I blame him) and electing to stay inside.

First off there was some mad running about!


Then there was some climbing on the hammock frame…



Then there was lots of digging!











The wee girl has developed a love for digging over the last week, and while one of my next tasks in the garden is to tidy up the random pots that were left by the previous owners, she is doing a great job starting it for me!

It is clear that I will need to create a mud kitchen for her, as she spends a wonderful amount of time completely absorbed in digging, transferring, stirring and pouring.

A mud kitchen might also save my pots from being dug out by small, enthusiastic hands :)

I am absolutely thrilled to have the fence in place. The wee girl wants to be outside at every available opportunity, which is to be encouraged, and now I can safely let her. I will be able to sit at my kitchen table, next to the patio doors, and watch her play without interference.

I can’t wait to see what she does!

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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33 thoughts on “Country Kids: fun in our garden”

  1. The new fence looks wonderful and so practical for safe outdoor play too. I can see a mud kitchen becoming the next big garden activity for your wee girl. I hope you have little space to create one? Wishing you many more happy garden after school days with your new safe fencing. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  2. I love that – a mini garden within a garden! Hope the humidity lets up a bit so you can all enjoy it. A mud kitchen is a great idea – my 4 year old one had one at nursery last year and it was his favourite spot of all. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your garden progress!

  3. Wow, what a big plot you have to manage but what a wonderful opportunity to create it into something that works for you, rather than inheriting something established. Looks like she is having a great time outdoors and she’d really enjoy a mud kitchen-another project to put on your list!!

  4. Your first photo is amazing, so much freedom!
    A mud kitchen is a great idea, my daughter still has lots of fun with hers. Having an actual area where she knows she can dig means that the whole garden doesn’t end up in a right mess.

  5. That’s such a good idea having an area fenced off where the wee girl can play away outside while you know she’s safe and enjoying the garden, nature and letting her imagination go free.

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