The Prompt: Thunder


The thunder crashed again, reverberating around the old house. She flinched, enjoying the fierceness of the storm but shocked by the volume and intensity. Now I’ll find out if the roof leaks, she thought wryly.

Moving to this remote shoreline had seemed like a good idea in the sunshine of late summer. The sea glowing blue; inviting, welcoming. Now the deep greys and blacks of the sky met an equally grey sea. Stay away, it said.

In the flickering candlelight she waited. A feeling of anticipation clung to her, and it was all she could do to remain where she was, calm and expectant. The urge to run was strong.

The house had been empty for a while, they said. And, yes, there was a sense of abandonment in the dusty air; of lives lived and stories left unspoken. But more, there was a sense of possibility, of renewal, of second chances. She had walked around the house, her house, opening shutters and ripping down tattered curtains to let the light flood in, and she had felt hope.

Another draught caught the candle flame and shadows danced across the room. Such pretty patterns, she thought to herself, reminded of another time, other flames. Lost in memories, she shivered, as the storm continued to howl around the house.

The thunder crashed again, and she waited.


You can find this weeks #ThePrompt linky here. I do hope this prompt inspired you; I look forward to reading your posts.

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16 thoughts on “The Prompt: Thunder”

  1. This actually made me shiver, it’s so atmospheric! I get the feeling there’s a dark tragedy lurking in her past but that a happy future awaits? Great piece. Thanks for another great prompt – I loved this week!

  2. Sara this is such a beautifully written little story! I’m impressed. Really emotive – you are a great writer. I toyed with the idea of writing a piece of short fiction for this week’s Prompt but I just didn’t feel I had time – it’s been such a busy week! X

  3. I’m thinking immediately of the house from The Woman in Black. It makes me feel as though there is someone else there with her and that she will uncover some secrets from the past as time goes on. Great piece.

  4. A very evocative piece of writing. It actually transports me back to our first winter in Brixham – the storms were quite intimidating sometimes, especially that year when we were deep in the midst of building work and making the house our own! x

  5. Oh, such a strong introduction to a story…you must have the rest tucked in your head, it’s such a strong lead into something! Or is it a wee reflection of your own house move in the summer…hmm?! Either way it’s powerful stuff, Sara

  6. I love that you left us all guessing what’s happening and what she is waiting for. I sat huddled, expecting to hear a clap of thunder myself. Brilliant. I get the feeling there’s something hidden, either in her past or in the house. I really love this Sara!

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