Make: collage with autumn leaves

On the walk back from school the other day the wee girl collected leaves. Well, she pointed at the ones she wanted and I collected them for her (she was in the stroller!). Woe betide me if I picked up the wrong one…!

Autumn Activity - A Collage with Autumn Leaves - quick and easy autumn craft
After the success of our flower garden painting, as soon as we got home, she asked if she could do painting with leaves, so we decided to make a collage with autumn leaves.

Of course she could!

So, out came the supplies:

How to make a collage with autumn leaves

Glue (no pink sparkly stuff this time, but I also couldn’t find any PVA, so used fabric glue! It did the job)
Paint brushes
Paper plates (to use as a paint palette, must buy her a reusable one!)

Plus, our collection of beautifully coloured autumn leaves :)

She chose purple paper and blue, purple, white and brown paint.

And, off she went. She struggled to squeeze the glue out, so I splodged it as directed, but that was my only input.

A Collage with Autumn Leaves 1
A Collage with Autumn Leaves 2
A Collage with Autumn Leaves 3
A Collage with Autumn Leaves 4
A Collage with Autumn Leaves 5
A Collage with Autumn Leaves 6
A Collage with Autumn Leaves 7
It was very easy to set up and she really enjoyed deciding where to put the leaves, painting around them and putting the odd swish of paint actually on a leaf.

A Collage with Autumn Leaves 8
Another brilliantly engaging activity for her and allowing her free rein is just wonderful to watch. She is definitely making decisions now based on what she would like to see, rather than completely random splodging!

Looking for more ideas for fun autumn activities?

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23 thoughts on “Make: collage with autumn leaves”

  1. Sounds like an amazing craft. I love doing crafts designed for kids even though I’m an adult. I have motor deficits and can’t do the harder crafts, but this one sounds great.

  2. What a beautiful picture your daughter created! My kids are mad for collecting leaves as well and they re fascinated with all the changing colours. Autumn in definitly my favourite season. #tuesdaytutorials

  3. What a lovely activity. I love her picture, it’s always lovely to see children get creative on their own, I love seeing what they come up with.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

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  5. Grace says – One of the prettiest #minicreations EVER…… I loved this and think you’ve done an AWESOME job xx
    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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