Country Kids: building a snowman

Country Kids Building a Snowman

I suspect most of you are aware that the East Coast of the US has been hit by a lot of snow over the last week. It started out with a perfect amount last Saturday, before escalating into a silly amount courtesy of Blizzard Juno!

We have had lots of fun in the snow, not least of which was building a snowman in the back garden; a huge snowman!

After the snowfall last Saturday left us with a lovely (sensible) 5/6 inches of perfect snowman building snow, it was all hands on deck to complete the challenge of making it as tall as mummy…

The Big Snowman 1

The Big Snowman 2

The Big Snowman 3

The Big Snowman 4

The Big Snowman 5

The Big Snowman 6

By the time they were finished, the beautiful white blanket of snow was looking pretty grubby, and a rather leaf and grass covered snowman stood proudly in the middle of the garden. A bit of fresh snow brightened him up, and a hat and Duplo (we had no carrots, but have a lot of Lego!) finished him off. And, he was (almost) as tall as me :) And, of course, a big hug from the wee girl was a must!

The Big Snowman 7

While the 8yo and daddy focussed on the big snowman, the 5yo decided to make a mini one for himself. With a little help from his sister (after a fashion!).

Mini Snowman 1

Mini Snowman 2

Mini Snowman 3

Mini Snowman 4

When not balancing snow on her brother, the wee girl was quite content to potter; digging and throwing and tasting. She cannot see snow without trying to eat it!

I Love Snow 1

I Love Snow 2

Our poor snowman has been half buried and inaccessible since Monday night though, we can see him proudly standing in the back garden, but as the snow from the blizzard is still piled up against the patio doors, we can’t get outside to play with him… And, even if we could, I think we might lose the wee girl in the attempt!

Two feet of snow is quite a lot, when you’re small. We have had a lot of fun wading through snow drifts in the front garden over the last couple of days, but that is a whole other post :)

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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33 thoughts on “Country Kids: building a snowman”

  1. Oh my Sara that really is a huge pile of snow. Well done the boys on their snowman the size of you and I’m already looking forward to seeing snow trenches next week. Stay safe and warm and thank you for joining in with Country Kids.

  2. Hi! I’ve popped over from country kids.I have huge snow envy right now.We’ve had a couple of wintry showers but nothing like you’ve got.My kids are desperate to have snowball fights and have snowman fun.

    1. It’s great to have snow, although I think we have now edged in to the ‘too much’ category :) The kids are loving it!

  3. Good to see you all managed to make the most of the ‘sensible’ amount of snow before you got the deluge! I love the wee girl’s helping-I have a little boy whose helping is very similar :-)

  4. Wow that is one giant snow man, my boys haven’t the commitment to make one that tall, this snow is all very lovely isn’t it, we have really enjoyed ours but bring on summer xx

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