How to make snow ice cream

You may have noticed that we’ve had snow… With six snow days so far, we’re running out of ideas, and we’ve had to get creative in an effort to keep from going completely stir crazy.

After yet another day trapped inside by a snowstorm on Monday, we needed something special to cheer everyone up. On Tuesday, the snow had stopped but school was still closed, so in the morning we trekked (and I really do mean that) through snow clogged pavements to get to a local café for breakfast.

On the way home we chatted about other activities we could do, now that there was another foot of fresh snow… I suggested snow ice cream and was met with an excited chorus of yes!


So, after lunch we made vanilla snow ice cream.

This is incredibly simple, and very tasty.

You will need:
1. a large bowl of fresh, clean snow (I used a 4 quart bowl)
2. a tin of sweetened condensed milk (I used a 14oz can)
3. a teaspoon of vanilla extract

Just mix them all together and eat immediately :)

How to make snow ice cream

I had willing helpers for the mixing…

Willing Helpers

And very willing helpers for the tasting…

Willing Tasters

I have to admit, it was very yummy! It had the light, fluffy texture of snow, but tasted just like vanilla ice cream; we added some sprinkles and everyone’s mood was much improved :)

Snow Ice Cream

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26 thoughts on “How to make snow ice cream”

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  2. What a fun idea and it looks and sounds very yummy. I can imagine that you must have definitely had enough of the snow by now. Still hoping for a little more on this side of the pond though!

  3. Oh my gosh if only I had this recipe growing up with five feet of snow every winter. This looks and sounds amazing. Bet the kids were mesmerizing by it all. Lovely hunny. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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