Alphabet Photography Project: F is for Frozen

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F is for Frozen

I tried very hard to think of something that wasn’t weather related for this week… But, I kept coming back to this photo, so here we go with (yet) another image of the frozen land we are currently living in!

I think we might be losing the battle with our icicles… and we have become far too well acquainted with, the previously unheard of, phenomenon of ice dams!

I wonder if we will still have icicles when we get to the letter I?!?

Truly Madly Kids

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15 thoughts on “Alphabet Photography Project: F is for Frozen”

  1. Im enjoying the wintery images! It never gets that cold in my neck of the woods, the worst we have to deal with is slightly frozen car windscreens in the morning.

  2. Wow those icicles are quite something! I can imagine that you must be getting fed up with the frozen weather by now – definitely hope those icicles are gone by the time you get to “I” x

  3. Wicked World of Lucas

    Lucas says – WOW!! My cousin Grace aka Baby Ace would love this photo and she would say that she could live there and pretend to be Queen Elsa!!! #alphabetphoto

  4. The Mother says – Given the amount of snow and frost you guys have experienced, I’m not surprised that you keep capturing the moments. I love this photo. Hope you’re still keeping warm and safe xx #alphabetphoto

  5. Megan - Truly Madly Kids

    Those are awesome icicles! I am sorry they are giving you so much grief though!

    I love the angle you’ve taken them from, they are like something from a grimm fairy tale!

    Thanks so much for linking to #iotw

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