Winter: snow painting

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When it snows, and snows, and then snows some more, finding simple activities to get the kids outside can be tricky. That’s when it’s time to do some snow painting :)

Snow Painting: just add a few drops of food colouring to a squeezy bottle of water for this super simple outdoor winter activity

I have done this with the boys, and they loved it. So, it was time to give the wee girl a turn.

Tuesday was bright and sunny, so we got out some squeezy water bottles, added a few drops of food colouring to each, and headed outside to paint a rainbow.

For this super easy snow painting activity you will need:
Squeezy bottles
Food colouring

To get the intensity of colour seen here, I used 4-5 drops of food colouring to 8oz (240ml) of water.

Add the food colouring, shake the bottle, and you’re good to go! Couldn’t be simpler :)

I make no apologies for this photo heavy post… These images have been making me smile all week; it’s the closest we’ve got to spring colours :)

Painting a Rainbow

She started small…

Starting Small 1

Starting Small 2

Before realising she could squeeze the bottles…

Getting Bigger 1

Getting Bigger 2

What followed was a combination of squeezing…




And flinging…


Each new colour was carefully placed, and accompanied by a smiling face.


Orange 1

Orange 2


Yellow 1

Yellow 2


Green 1

Green 2

Creating a rainbow…

Rainbow 1

Rainbow 2

Rainbow 3

Until she ran out of paint…

All Done 1

All Done 2

There was no mistaking how much she had enjoyed it, or how proud she was of her painting…

Proud 1

Proud 2

It snowed again the next day and covered all her hard work, which led to some very sad faces, and she has been asking to do it again ever since. Unfortunately we’ve had a couple of miserable days weather wise, and play dates have taken up our time.

But, I know what we’ll be doing if the sun shines tomorrow :)

I’m linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill, as always. Click on the badge to see what everyone else has been up to and be inspired to get outside!

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48 thoughts on “Winter: snow painting”

  1. That’s brilliant! I’ve seen snow painting a lot on Pinterest, and wanted to have a go with the children, but we’ve had no snow in London this winter! I love your photos. They are bound to go viral, especially your rainbow of bottles. I’ll invite you to my ‘quick creative ideas’ board right now. You have loads of little activities that would fit in there. (Don’t feel like you have to join if you don’t fancy it by the way) x

  2. Wow What a great idea. I love the smiling face and that you managed to get so many amazing photos :) I will definatly be trying this next year or if we get snow again snow (which I doubt). Great post.

  3. Oh wow what a fun activity and love the rainbow coloured snow and the huge grin on the wee girl’s face – so gorgeous. I can see she really enjoyed doing this! :-)

  4. One of these days I’ll get to make snow painting. Your colours are really bold and striking and I love the way you can squeeze the bottle and they splatter out. Is it just food dye and water? Thank you for sharing on Country Kids.

  5. Love it. I still amazed every week I click on through countrykids that your snow is still there, and your still getting fresh snow! WOW!!! So imaginative with the snow paint, it does look great fun, and very colourful! #countrykids

    1. I’m hoping that we’ve had the last of the fresh snow, but it’s going to take a while for what we do have to melt :)

  6. That really does look like so much fun and what a great way to cheer up the snow. I remember your post from last year and have always thought I’d like to give it a try but this year we haven’t had enough snow! x

  7. This looks like absolute fun and so love the photos too, especially the last two. Perfect day for a perfect activity in the snow :) #countrykids.

  8. I remember reading about you doing snow painting last year and thought it was great. She looks so happy experimenting with her creativity and the last two photos are gorgeous, she looks so pleased with herself!
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  9. You and that snow still poor you! But how amazing are you to creative snow paint! You are truly so creative and what a fun mother you are. I will have to take notes pronto. I would have loved doing this in the snow when I was a kid. Fantastic Sara! Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  10. Lucas says – I actually think this has got to be my favouritest Mini Creation EVER!!! What an XL MEGA COOL & AWESOME and BLINKIN’ brilliant idea!! I really want it to snow now!!!

    Thanks for linking to #minicreations

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