Childhood: simple moments

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Childhood Simple Moments

Sometimes you have one of those weeks where life seems to conspire against you. By the end of the week you feel done in; defeated.

Last week was one of those weeks.

I sometimes find that I get so caught up in the day to day stuff that I forget everything else, forget to have fun.

The day to say stuff needs to be done, you can’t get away from that, but it shouldn’t take over. It shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the simple moments.

It shouldn’t stop you from saying yes to an impromptu trip to the park.

The wee girl had already been to one park last Friday, and then she’d been at a friends for a play date! We were on our way home from that when we drove past another park… Mummy, mummy, mummy, can we got to that park??

Of course I said no. It was lunchtime, we had to pick the boys up from school. I was tired.

But, as I turned the corner I thought, why not? Drove back around the block and stopped.

The wee girl was delighted.

There was running and seesawing and sliding and swinging.



Slide 1

Slide 2


She played with a kitchen, a car, the bouncy horses (which she absolutely loves).


Car 1

Car 2

Horse 1

Horse 2

There was time for the odd rest…


But mainly, it was all about stopping for a moment. About taking time. About focussing on what’s really important.

About joy.


Hand on heart, I was in one hell of a bad mood last week. I had really let things get on top of me.

I needed this. I needed to see that smile. I needed to be reminded.

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I’m also linking up with the wonderful Country Kids at Coombe Mill. My daughter and her love for being outside have again reminded me what a difference getting some fresh air can make. It lifts your mood, opens your eyes and reminds you just how little we really need to be happy. We went back to this park again today and had another wonderful hour running from one thing to another, with lots of bouncing on the horses!

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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44 thoughts on “Childhood: simple moments”

  1. Ahh that moment when we turn the car around after saying no can be so good can’t it? I have done that more than once, say no I mean. Then changed my mind from feeling guilty and been very glad I did. Your photos definitely show you’re glad you did too :)

  2. So lovely to see you emerge from winter into the lovely sunny weather again and enjoy more than a few minutes of fresh air. Wee girl looks so happy playing out and a special time for you with the boys at school, one on one times becomes precious when you have 3 to think about. #Whatsthestory

  3. I can relate to this, letting things get on top of you and finding yourself saying no, when really, it could be yes. It’s lovely watching the result though when you realise and do say yes…it makes things feel so much better and it looks like she had loads of fun at the park. Hope you are feeling better this week x

    1. It really does make a difference, and she had a wonderful time. This week has definitely been a better week!

  4. Yes, sometimes you just need to catch yourself don’t you and savour the moment. My son loves the bouncy things too-preferably in the form of an aeroplane or car though :) x

  5. Izzie Anderton

    Here’s to having some fun and not letting life get you down. Your wee girl looks so happy to be in the park and these are the things she’ll remember when she’s all grown up x

    1. It’s easy to let that happen, day to day life can be pretty hard going at times. But moments like these make a huge difference x

  6. Sometimes it gets or seems tough to see the light of day, the joy in our lives. Then it feels like magic to see a smile like this or the sun, the ocean, something to take our mind back to the good stuff. Feels like in need of it myself a little… but good for you!

    1. You’re so right, we can be blinded by the grind, but seeing my daughters smile brings me right back into the moment x

  7. It really can be tiring and aggravating but then again, it is these little moments when your child is really living in the moment that pick us up again isn’t it? Glad the wee girl managed to turn your mood around. Xx

    1. It really can, but forgetting it all to be in the moment with your kids makes all the difference x

  8. So glad that you took the time to visit the park – sometimes it’s those spur of the moment decisions that really do help change your perspective and it is amazing what a difference getting outdoors can make when you’re having a bad week. Love the photos of your wee girl at the park, she really does look like she is having an amazing time and seeing the look of joy on her face is just beautiful. Hope this week is a better one for you x

  9. Aren’t children just amazing at making us take a step back and refocusing on what is really important, hope this has been a better week x

  10. Well done for turning that car around. I bet all the things you were racing home to do felt so much less important after a little time at the park. I find I resent the chores much less if I’ve had some time out, even if they drag on into the evening. You only need to see the photos you captured of Wee girl to know that you made the right move, and made it back again too! Thank you for sharing an important message for us all on Country Kids.

  11. What a sweet post, it really brought a smile to my face :) I guess, sometimes you should stop and smell the roses (or stop and go to the park) as that is what life is all about :) #countrykids

  12. I love this post! Getting a bit of fresh air and taking a break from the rest of the day can work wonders on your attitude. Looks like your little one had a great time at the park.

  13. Aww this is lovely Sara, I know exactly what you mean as I have had a hell of a week too and just feel like I am sinking, but made a point of having some fun with Monkey yesterday afternoon and it definitely lifted my spirits a little. Looks like wee girl was having so much fun here and I love how that top shot looks like she is almost flying through the air!! Xx

  14. I can soooo relate to this Sara. We all get our down moments and sometimes your children can be the ones to force you out of them. I can well imagine a trip to the park and time outside being just the thing to put the world right. #CountryKids

  15. Michelle Reeves (bodfortea)

    This is such a wonderful post Sara that speaks SO much to me – as I’m sure you knew it would! Living in the moment and trying to say yes more than no is a central theme in my Journey to Joy this year and you really lived it perfectly. Thanks for linking up at #sharethejoy

    1. Yes, I did think you would enjoy this one :) It shouldn’t be so hard to say yes, but there always seems to be something that ‘has’ to be done x

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