Make: cupcake case flowers

Make: cupcake case flowers

I was having a browse on Pinterest, as you do, and came across an idea for making flowers from cupcake cases. This appealed to me in a quick, easy and not too messy kind of a way, so I took note for the next time the wee girl asked to do a craft.

I didn’t have to wait for long!

You will need:
A sheet of paper
Cupcake cases, I used regular and mini ones, flattened
Glue stick
Green paper/card, cut into strips

I laid out everything that she would need and helped her with the first flower so that she knew what to do. Using a glue stick rather than PVA glue meant that she could manage the whole activity without too much input from me.

Start by sticking down a green strip of card for the stem of your flower. Then stick a flattened cupcake case onto the stem. We did a mix of small flowers using just a mini case and larger flowers using both a regular and mini case.

Cupcake Case Flowers 1

Cupcake Case Flowers 2

Cupcake Case Flowers 3

Cupcake Case Flowers 4

Cupcake Case Flowers 5

She enjoyed doing this activity so much that as soon as this garden of cupcake case flowers was complete, she started another one!

Cupcake Case Flowers 6

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22 thoughts on “Make: cupcake case flowers”

  1. These flowers look really cute! It would make such lovely decor for the wall or as a card. #letkidsbekids

  2. They look great, very pretty. I like the way she could do this pretty much on her own. That would make a lovely birthday card too x
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsbeKids

    1. Yeah, it was great that it was simple enough for her to do by herself, she likes it when she doesn’t need help x

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