Childhood: first ballet class

Childhood: first ballet class

I didn’t take dance classes as a child. As far as I’m aware, I never asked to. In fact, fully acknowledging my basic lack of coordination, dance was not for me.

My best friend at High School was a dancer though, and it always struck me as a wonderful thing, to have a hobby that became a passion, that ultimately became the basis of a career.

My little girl though? Well, she has had the soul of a performer since the day she was born and thinks nothing of putting on impromptu singing and dancing shows. Her interpretive dance moves are quite something to behold…

So, when one of the school mums suggested a ballet and tap class, that her daughter was already signed up for, I thought why not?

Cue a rather surreal first experience of a dance shop to buy the required ballet pumps and tap shoes, along with the leotard and tights (pink of course, despite my suggestions of other colours!); and we were ready for her first ballet class.

With one very excited little girl.

First Ballet Class

That first dance class was the most entertaining, surprising, wonderful, emotional experience. One of the sweetest things I have ever witnessed. These tiny girls, all dressed in their ballet outfits, tapping their toes and walking in time.

Watching themselves in the mirror.

Twirling and spinning and smiling.

And, listening to the teacher!

Regular readers will know that the wee girl can be challenging at times, she has a very strong personality and to date hasn’t done too well with structured classes.

Preferring to dance to her own tune :)

But, she listened, she followed instructions. She tried everything and she behaved beautifully.

Known for her extrovert nature, I think the other mums were expecting a little more entertainment from her. To be honest, so was I.

I was relieved and surprised and proud, in equal measure.

Who knows whether she will develop a love of dance and want to continue beyond this class; for now I am simply going to enjoy hearing her ask every morning is it dance class today?

And cherish watching her twirl and smile.

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35 thoughts on “Childhood: first ballet class”

  1. How how cool. Sylvia has her first ballet class about 8 weeks ago and is loving it! I enjoyed reading your daughter’s experience and hope she continues to love ballet. That is so cute that she asks each day if it’s dance class! Shows how much she enjoyed it!


  2. Aww less her! What a special moment to record. I have no coordination whatsoever either and my posture is dreadful so I also enrolled Beanie in ballet classes. I like the discipline, the cute uniform and the fact the teacher always insists on graceful movements.

    1. Yes, I’m hoping that she will have more grace than I do (and better posture!). For the moment, just being part of a structured class is really good for her x

  3. Aww! Such a lovely post! I’m so glad your little one had a good time and was amenable to listening. My 3 year old isn’t exactly known for listening either, so I know what it’s like to wonder what delights await in a new class! Visiting from #brilliantblogposts

  4. Awww how gorgeous is she! That’s fantastic it went well and she enjoyed it, and followed along. Hopefully you’ve found her ‘thing’ and it will keep her nicely entertained. Well now she’ll probably entertain you with her dance moves and little shows, that are actually dance. I did dancing from 3 and loved it, it actually served me well as some of the popular kids in high school did it too, so I was acknowledged by them in the corridors (ok it was a hello look), but otherwise I’d probably have been ignored for being too swotty :-)

    1. I hope so, it’s early days, but it would be nice for her to have something that she enjoys and that gives her another friendship group. There are six of them in this class that will start Kindergarten together :)

  5. How lovely! You know I’m a complete sucker for anything dance-related! It’s great that she joined in so well and listened to the teacher.
    I can’t believe you had to get all the kit before your first lesson! I made my daughter wait a few weeks, but she wouldn’t stop nagging me until she had it!
    Thanks for linking with Loud ‘n’ Proud :)

  6. Snap! Lottie started 3 weeks ago! I have loved taking her and seeing her develop. She is so loud and bossy at home and yet SO quiet there and won’t join in!!!! She has got better but I guess it is pretty overwhelming. She enjoys the tap more. Lovely photo’s :) Jess xx #mycapturedmoment

    1. I’ve been so surprised by how well my little girl has been listening! And, she also enjoys the tap more, loves her ‘clicky clacky’ shoes :)

    1. She has made me very proud, listening so well and trying to do everything. She is still so excited about it!

  7. aww how beauitful!! such a lovely post and one you can look back on! youve got yourself a beautiful balerina! Great shots! Suz x

  8. How wonderful. She obviously wanted to be there very much.

    I remember my first dance classes, I had a turquoise leotard, but we also used to dance in white dresses with pink or blue sashes. So lovely and something I’m quite sad about missing having a boy.

    1. I have to admit, it’s not something that I had imagined I would find myself involved in, but I’m loving it :)

    1. Absolutely, I actually think it’s a shame that it seems to be very much a girl thing here. But, I’m glad she loves it so far :)

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