Outdoors: taking a moment to breathe

Outdoors: taking a moment to breathe

We have embraced the Thanksgiving tradition since moving to the US. For us it is a day for friends, food and lots of laughter. But, most importantly it is a day that encourages us to be thankful.

After a tough November, taking a moment to appreciate the good in our lives was important. And the break that the four day weekend gave us was much needed. Without a mid-term break, this long weekend is the only real respite in a long school term. A welcome holiday before the chaos of December begins.

We had a wonderfully busy Thanksgiving with friends; lunch in one house, dessert in another; so Friday was a day to relax.

As Black Friday shopping was definitely not on the agenda, we escaped to Breakheart Reservation, one of our favourite places for a walk.

Taking a Moment 1

Taking a Moment 2

We headed for our favourite spot, the beach. I love it here, looking out over the lake, and it was wonderful to see the boys each stop for a moment too.

Taking a Moment 3

Taking a Moment 4

Sadly, just as we arrived, the wee girl took a tumble and landed face first on the concrete path. Result: one very grazed chin, lots of blood and some understandably loud screaming. And, two rather upset big brothers.

So, while my husband tended to our daughter, I took the boys on to the beach.

Our visit was now going to be cut short, but I still wanted the boys to have a few minutes to play.

Of course, a stick was immediately found and a game of naughts and crosses followed.

Taking a Moment 5

Taking a Moment 6

Taking a Moment 7

I have no idea who won, and I don’t think the boys cared, it was all about the game and once it was over they headed to the water to throw sticks instead.

Taking a Moment 8

Taking a Moment 9

Taking a Moment 10

Once the wee girl had calmed down a little, we headed back to the car. And, despite the abrupt end to our walk, I am glad that we took the time to get outside together and enjoy this mild November afternoon.

With the very real prospect of another harsh winter, we need to take any opportunity we get!

And, after the sadness of the last month, simply taking a moment to breathe and enjoy time with the kids was just what we needed.

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13 thoughts on “Outdoors: taking a moment to breathe”

  1. What a wonderful sounding thanksgiving! My folks were at the Macys Thanksgiving parade and it was pure chaos! So busy in NYC, a complete contrast to this setting. Sounds blissful. Happy Holidays x #CountryKids

  2. It’s great that you managed to find time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air on black friday, it must’ve felt empty there with all the sales going on! I hope the wee girl’s fall wasn’t too bad, just more of a shock. It’s great that you made sure the boys enjoyed their short walk for ten minutes on the beach before you had to head back. It’s great that after your news last month you managed to find a moment to appreciate the little things. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

    1. Thank you Fiona, it was a much needed moment for us all. The wee girl was fine, but it was an impressive graze, never seen her bleed that much before!

  3. What beautiful pictures. Shame your walk was cut short but glad you all got a moment to catch your breath and enjoy the outdoors. Much better than joining in with that Black Friday chaos! #CountryKids

    1. Thank you Joy, it’s been a tough few weeks, but we’re all doing okay. And, the wee girl recovered quite quickly from the fall x

  4. Now, that looks like a beautiful place to get some breathe. It does help when you have this stunning place to enjoy. I hope your girl is on the mend now. xx #countrykids

  5. Must be so nice just to have got out and chilled for a bit. Thanksgiving always sounds so amazing. Glad you’re getting back to more positive and hopefully happier times.

  6. So glad you got to have that 4 day break Sara, it makes such a difference doesn’t it. You need time for you too especially after these past weeks. The poor wee girl, I hope she’s ok. It’s nice the boys got to the beach and play noughts and crosses, that’s lovely. Breakheart Reservation kind of reminds me of Frensham Little Pond not far from us, it has a wood and a beach too :)

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