The Prompt: Treat

The Prompt 99: Treat

It is a gift when
you wrap me in regard,
warm me with words
and mend me.

It is a pleasure when
you hold me in wonder,
handle me with care
and restore me.

It is a thrill when
you blanket me with desire,
bind me with love
and remake me.

It is a delight when
you surround me with silence,
soothe me with sighs
and tend me.

It is a joy when
you cloak me in concern,
calm me with ease
and treat me.

© Sara Murray, 28 January 2016





14 thoughts on “The Prompt: Treat”

  1. This is beautiful – what a wonderful way to describe a loving relationship and those little things that make all the difference. I especially like your opening lines and being warmed with words is such a wonderful way to describe it.

  2. Your poetry is so eloquent. This really makes you feel warm when reading this, and how lovely to describe being treated as being ‘wrapped in warm regard’ – it’s what we all want from a relationship, and want to give, isn’t it.
    #ThePrompt xx

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