Outdoors: a snow fort

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Spring arrived with a covering of snow. We woke on Monday to a good covering of the white stuff and a two hour delay to the start of school.

It continued snowing until mid-morning and by the time the kids got home from school they were itching to get out and build something.

While the 6yo began the construction of a snow fort, his sister built a little snowman. The only help from mummy was to lift the three balls into a stack :) She was so proud of herself, and her snowman!

Snowman 1

Snowman 2

Snowman 3

Snowman 4

Snowman 5

While she was doing this, her brother was busy building a fort.

Snow Fort 1

Snow Fort 2

Snow Fort 3

He needed big snowballs and I have to say, they are heavy to push so I stepped in and rolled the balls for him. I was told exactly where to put them, and I wasn’t allowed to stop until he had enough! As I rolled, he filled in the walls between the snowballs…

Snow Fort 4

He and his sister got comfy inside the fort, and of course, it couldn’t be without fortifications…

Snow Fort 5

Snow Fort 6

Snow Fort 7

As the day got colder I grabbed a last couple of shots of the fort, knowing that it was likely to be gone within a day.

Snow Fort 8

Snow Fort 9

As it happens, it hung on, like a snowy Stonehenge, for a couple of days. Those snowballs were big!

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30 thoughts on “Outdoors: a snow fort”

  1. So impressed with that fort and love your description of it, ‘like a snowy Stonehenge’! That snowman is awesome too and your daughter’s pride is well deserved – I love all photographs. My daughters haven’t grown up with the magic of snowfall and would really enjoy and cherish the time to build forts and snowmen – I must try and organise a snow filled holiday for them!

    1. I do feel lucky that the kids get to experience both proper winters and wonderful summers here, I love the climate (although only a couple of inches of snow at a time is good!).

  2. Another dumping of snow, I’ve given up hope here for another year now. It looks like good building snow too and the children both did so well. I love how Wee girl finished her snowman and came to check out her brother’s fort. I’m glad it hung on for a while to be fully admired. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

    1. I’d be surprised if we get anymore snow now, hopefully this will now see us properly into spring :) She loved making her snowman, but helping a big brother always wins in the end!

  3. Those are seriously big snowballs! I’m impressed that they both knew what they wanted to build and were able to do it without a lot of help from you.

    1. It was a lot of fun! We’ve had just the right amount of snow this year. For me anyway: the kids can play, but then it melts! Last year’s nine feet that hung around for months, wasn’t quite so much fun :)

    1. They were very focused! You’d be surprised how many snowballs you can get by snaking carefully across a lawn!

    1. Thank you Dean! It’s amazing what you can come up with when you have snow regularly :) My 6yo has a wonderful imagination x

  4. I do love seeing your snowy pictures. Looks like your kids have so much fun with it all. For weeks I’ve been dreaming about sunshine but I may now have a little snow envy haha x

  5. That’s an impressive fort, I love the idea of building something the kids can then play in. When we do get a little bit of snow the kids are just too tempted to fling it at each other, so we never end up with enough to build anything! #countrykids

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