Project 366: My Top 12 of 2016

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Project 366 Top 12 2016

January 80’s day at school resulted in one of my favourite photos of the year!
February A few days away included a very cold walk along Crane Beach in Ipswich.
March New St Patrick’s Day T-shirts thanks to a lovely friend.
April A fabulous trip to New York with friends, a highlight of the year.
May After a sudden cold spell in April it was a relief to see blossom in May!
June First trip of the summer to the lake at Breakheart.
July My little diva rocking her shades and enjoying the sunshine.
August Our favourite place of the summer, Nahant Beach.
September A very happy girl, back to dance classes.
October Comedy gold from the two!
November Me and my girl enjoying the crunchy leaves.
December The three on Christmas Day, a lovely end to our year.

This is my third Project 365, which was of course a 366 this year. I almost made it, but I have to admit that I missed a few days along the way!

As I started to write this post I took a look back at my 2014 Top 12 and 2015 Top 12 and I was yet again struck by what an amazing record these photos are.

Each photo contains a moment, a memory. And, distilling the thousands down to 366, and further to 12, is an interesting process.

There are no snow photos in my final 12 this year. That’s not to say we didn’t have snow, and my 366 contains a number of snowy photos. But the snow didn’t dominate as it did the year before. It wasn’t the overarching memory of our winter. I wonder if this was a function of less snow, or the fact that we are getting used to it now!

The beach was a big part of year in 2016, so it’s not surprising that we have a summer and winter shot of sand, sea and sky. And New York in April was a real high point in our year. The changing seasons, something I love about living here features too: the blossom in the spring, the sunshine of the summer and of course the gorgeous autumn leaves.

But, my three. With their big personalities, that shine through in the photos I take of them. They are the focus. And they are the reason I will keep taking these photos.

I’ve decided to do Project 365 a little differently this year. I will be sharing daily photos on Instagram and will then share my favourite (or favourites!) of the week here on the blog.

So here’s to my fourth year of this project. And here’s to capturing many more moments like these ones.

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