‘It’s the same, but different‘ sums up our life here in the US. So much is just the same as in the UK. But this is precisely why the differences sometimes jump up and bite us on the bum, or should I say butt!

This page gathers together all the posts that celebrate and question (and sometimes despair at!) these little differences.

It will be updated on a regular basis!


The big decision
What were we thinking?
Moving day
Christmas away from home
The hardest part
My first moments
Feeling at home
Thoughts of home
The everyday experience
Going home for a holiday
What do you buy when you go home?
The Expat Wives Club
Memories, movers and masses of boxes
Moving house in the US
Masses of boxes, again!
The Truth About Christmas as an Expat


The unexpected language barrier [1]
The unexpected language barrier [2]
The unexpected language barrier [3]


The other side of the road
Driving Test
Our first Pinewood Derby
Crazy Hair Day [2013]
A weekend in New York
Crazy Hair Day [2014]
Blizzard 2015
School Run in the Snow
First Exams
Finding New Family Favourites


A Nativity free zone [2012]
Our first American Christmas [2012]
An American Valentine [2013]
Easter fun – egg hunt [2013]
The 4th of July [2013]
Pumpkins [2013]
Columbus Day [2013]
Halloween is coming [2013]
We’ve been Boo’ed! [2013]
Our big American Halloween! [2013]
It’s Thanksgiving [2013]
Santa Photo [2013]
Home for the Holidays: community celebration [2013]
Memorial Day Parade [2014]
Santa Photo [2014]

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  2. Hi Sara, skim reading through your blog it’s very uplifting and inspiring. I’ve recently started my own ‘5 year plan’ to try and move to the US (or Canada) and blog to track my progress. It’s just gone live at http://www.statesideby35.com and I wondered if you’d be willing to share any tips you have on building a good looking blog site or how to get the expat dream off the ground. Appreciate you must get requests like this all the time though so no worries if you can’t. Thanks anyway and keep on writing!

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