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The Prompt was my series of weekly writing prompts, which ran for more than two years!

I love photos, I love images, I am a visual person. But, sometimes I get so caught up in the pictures that I forget about the words. I don’t take the time to craft and play and enjoy the wonder of words… They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe this, but words have huge power too.

I love to be transported by words, taken on a journey with the writer, sit on their shoulders and experience their lives and loves; see the world through their eyes and share their sadness and their joy; their understanding, perspective and view; their thoughts and ideas.

I like to be challenged and informed.

A piece of writing can convey information, knowledge, emotion; it can take us to places we’ve never been and change our world view. It can make us cry or it can make us laugh. It can challenge our perceptions, our misconceptions. It can teach us.

There is nothing I enjoy more than getting lost in a wonderful piece of writing.

The idea of The Prompt was to focus on the writing (not that images were banned, but they should not be central!) and you can read about how The Prompt originally came to be here.

It was an opportunity to flex our writing muscles a little. Perhaps try something a little different, leave our comfort zone.

To take a ‘prompt’ and write something: a few lines, a few paragraphs, an essay, an anecdote, a story, a poem, a comic strip; anything! For me it’s all about communicating and enjoying the power, inspiration, humour and wonder of words.

The prompts took the form of a word, a topic, a headline, a quote, an emotion or a scenario…

The Prompts were sometimes parenting related, but sometimes not. They encouraged views on a subject, or lent themselves to recalling a special moment. They inspired stories, poems or simple re-telling of events. They were even, on occasion, controversial! At the very least, I hope they got us all thinking.

The Prompt 148: Potential

The Prompt: Potential

Energy buzzing as I move closer, anticipation humming as I reach out. Proximity amplifying the charge that’s between us, becoming more …
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The Prompt 147: Whisper

The Prompt: Whisper

Gossip murmuring, swirling, following. Behind hands, or blatant in its visibility. Have you heard? Did it really? Must be …
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The Prompt 142: Snow

The Prompt: Snow

At first it falls like ash, a dusting that blurs and softens. Shades of grey that mute and hide, a …
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  50. Thanks so much for lovely linky Sara – hope I’m not being too greedy leaving a couple of posts! I shall go and paste your badge into my blog asap and spend some time with your great photos xJo

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