Country Kids: after the rain

After the rain

It was a beautiful day on Monday, and then the rain started, and it didn’t stop until lunchtime today! By this afternoon we were all desperate for some fresh air, so on went the wellies and out into the garden we went.

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The Prompt 40


Welcome to The Prompt, Week 40. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in last week. It was lovely to see a couple of new linkers and some beautiful posts about what brings you joy.

If you are new to The Prompt you can find out more about this linky of weekly writing prompts here.

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The Prompt: opposites attract

The Prompt 40 - opposites attract

We are very different, you and I.

You’re tall, I’m short.
You’re dark, I’m fair.
You drink coffee, I drink tea.
You eat meat, I don’t.

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Alphabet Photography Project: X is for… X-ray

X is for Xray

Both the 5yo and 8yo dressed up as skeletons for Halloween when they were younger. Both of them told everyone they were x-rays…

Joining in with Charly’s Alphabet Photography Project over on PODCast.

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Make: collage with autumn leaves

Collage with Autumn Leaves

On the walk back from school the other day the wee girl collected leaves. Well, she pointed at the ones she wanted and I collected them for her (she was in the stroller!). Woe betide me if I picked up the wrong one…!

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The Prompt: Week 40

The Prompt

Welcome to Week 40 of The Prompt!

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who linked up for Week 39. I was absolutely thrilled to see people join in again, it really is lovely to see people come back each week, and to welcome new linkers, inspired to write by The Prompt.

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