The Prompt 45

The Prompt

Welcome to The Prompt, Week 45. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in last week. Another wonderful collection of posts!

If you are new to The Prompt you can find out more about this linky of weekly writing prompts here.

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Our Garden: the digging continues

How does your garden grow 141126

Last month I wrote about the start of our first major landscaping project. It has been going well over the past month, when the weather has cooperated, and is nearing completion!

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Make: independent creativity

Independent Creativity

Before the 5yo started school, Friday was always our big project day. We would choose a theme and we would create. We made paper bag puppets and rocket ships; paper plate animals and lollipop stick fish. We did lots of messy play; with gloop and paint and moon sand. We had fun!

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The Truth About: travelling without my kids

The Truth About Travelling Without Your Kids

I imagine that I am not the only parent for whom a night away, child free, is the stuff of fantasy. Something that was once so simple is now filled with complexity and hassle, not to mention guilt; and seems at odds with the reality of life as a parent.

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Expat: Crazy Hair Day 2014

Crazy Hair Day 2014

As an expat you hold on to your own traditions, taking comfort in the familiar, but you also learn the importance of embracing new ones. From country to town to community to school; each has its own. There are some that are serious, and while you may not immediately feel comfortable joining in, you respect your new culture; learning and appreciating the history behind their traditions and celebrations.

Then there are the local events that are, well, not so serious. Some that you may even find a little odd, or silly, or faintly ridiculous. But, there is no denying that they are fun!

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The Prompt: Week 45

The Prompt

Welcome to Week 45 of The Prompt!

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who linked up for Week 44. I was absolutely thrilled to see people join in again, it really is lovely to see people come back each week, and to welcome new linkers, inspired to write by The Prompt.

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B&W Photography Project: Rock


As part of our landscaping project a new retaining wall has been built, offset from an existing (potentially unstable) fieldstone wall. The landscapers have used rocks reclaimed from the excavation to create a transition between new and old walls.

I’m joining in with Charly’s Black and White Photography Project over on PODCast.

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