Our Garden: flowers

How does your garden grow 140730

This week, I took a little walk around our garden looking at all the flowers that are still in bloom. Stomping around in my welly boots in the heat I felt a bit silly, but my poor legs need protecting from the rather long grass and copious weeds and many spiky things! Not to mention the bugs.

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The Prompt: Week 28


Welcome to Week 28 of The Prompt!

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who linked up for Week 27. I was absolutely thrilled to see people join in again, it really is lovely to see people come back each week, and to welcome new linkers, inspired to write by The Prompt.

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The B&W Photography Project: Tyre Swing


My 8yo was playing around with a tyre swing at our local park and I loved the contrast of the tyre against the pale bark on the ground and the shadows it cast as it swung.

I’m joining in with Charly’s Black and White Photography Project over on PODCast.

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Country Kids: a weekend at Storyland


Last weekend we went to Storyland in New Hampshire. We had an amazing weekend, catching up with friends, enjoying the sunshine and having a lot of fun on the rides!

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The Prompt: It’s a man’s world


It’s a man’s world

As a woman who worked in the construction industry for almost twenty years this is a phrase I have heard more times than I care to remember. It by turns irritates, depresses and amuses me.

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The Prompt 27


Welcome to The Prompt, Week 27. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in last week. I enjoyed reading about your thoughts on anger.

If you are new to The Prompt you can find out more about this linky of weekly writing prompts here.

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