Me and: the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts

Over the summer I managed to spend a couple of days at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. This is one of my happy places. Somewhere that is guaranteed to make me smile.

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The Prompt: Week 37

The Prompt

Welcome to Week 37 of The Prompt!

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who linked up for Week 36. I was absolutely thrilled to see people join in again, it really is lovely to see people come back each week, and to welcome new linkers, inspired to write by The Prompt.

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The Prompt 36


Welcome to The Prompt, Week 36. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in last week. We had a fabulous collection of thoughtful, considered and powerful posts inspired by the question Are women better parents than men?

If you are new to The Prompt you can find out more about this linky of weekly writing prompts here.

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The Prompt: Thunder


The thunder crashed again, reverberating around the old house. She flinched, enjoying the fierceness of the storm but shocked by the volume and intensity. Now I’ll find out if the roof leaks, she thought wryly.

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