The Prompt: Week 36

The Prompt

Welcome to Week 36 of The Prompt!

First of all, a huge thank you to everyone who linked up for Week 35. I was absolutely thrilled to see people join in again, it really is lovely to see people come back each week, and to welcome new linkers, inspired to write by The Prompt.

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Word of the Week: Patience


This week has been long, tiring, fun, frustrating, quiet, cuddly. It has been full of coughs and sneezes; and Frozen… It would have been very easy for me to pick a negative word; with my husband away and a house full of sick children!

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The Prompt 35


Welcome to The Prompt, Week 35. Thank you so much to everyone who joined in last week. A wonderful collection of posts inspired by the word Shine.

If you are new to The Prompt you can find out more about this linky of weekly writing prompts here.

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The Prompt: are women better parents than men?


Are women better parents than men?


There is a very short answer to this question, which is of course, no. The more important issue, for me, is the presumption that lies behind the question.

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Review: DohVinci from Hasbro

Review DohVinci from Hasbro

It was with much excitement that I headed into Boston one evening last week. I had been invited, along with other Boston bloggers, to try out DohVinci, a new Play-Doh product from Hasbro. An evening out is always welcome, and one where I get to be a little bit creative, all the more so!

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Alphabet Photography Project: S is for… Storm

S is for Storm

Storm clouds gathering over Los Alamos in New Mexico. This may well have been the beginnings of the storm that saw lightening hit a tree next to the house. That was an experience!

Joining in with Charly’s Alphabet Photography Project over on PODCast.

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