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My boys have wonderful imaginations. This, on the whole, is to be encouraged. There are times though when it causes a little confusion among friends and family… The line between stories and fibs is somewhat blurry! This is particularly true of the 6yo, the 3yo’s stories are still suitably far fetched and generally involve dinosaurs or spaceships.

The most recent example: 6yo tells his friends mum that he has a snake (a rattlesnake, no less) that lives in a box in his bedroom. He feeds it biscuits (all good rattlesnakes like biscuits). Friends mum says to me a few days later, I didn’t know you had a snake… What snake?! Embarrassed explanations, from both sides, follow. It should be noted that the 6yo does have a (cuddly, entirely inanimate) rattlesnake that is currently residing in a box in his bedroom. On inspection, it would appear to have been fed biscuits…

Today I heard about my 6yo’s latest story. He told his friends mum that he was going home to Scotland for Christmas to see granny and to have dinner with his best friend. I discovered this when she asked me when we were flying…

While he has settled really well into school and is having fun, making friends and developing an American accent (don’t get me started on that one!) he still misses ‘home’ terribly and tells everyone who’ll listen that we’re going back in two years (this prompted another ‘are you really’ conversation at the school gates!). A two year stint is the current plan, but who knows…

Today I wanted to cry as I laughed off yet another tall tale. Another reminder of how much he misses home, or ‘not America’ as his brother calls it. I know that this move was the right thing, and it will ultimately be a fantastic experience for them. But it’s hard to remember that when faced with a tearful little boy who just wants to go home.

I also worry about what a convincing fibber he is, must have a serious chat with him about that…! What will it be like when he’s a teenager??

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