Project 365: 334-340

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334: Return: the elf is back…!
335: Sunshine: a spring like day after the snow!
336: Rock: as the leaves fall the rock in our garden is revealed.
337: Cake: Happy Birthday to my husband :)
338: Joy: is running in circles.
339: Last minute: taken on the way to bed!
340: Rainy: very wet morning, a day to be snuggled inside.

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12 thoughts on “Project 365: 334-340”

    1. I’ve started making all our cakes (even if from a mix!) because then I can control the frosting, otherwise cakes are just far, far too sweet here!

  1. Wow, that’s some serious rock in your garden! Loving the winter berries in the last pic. And yet another one of your stunning cakes – happy birthday to your hubbie :)

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