Project 365: Week 20: 130-136

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130: Blossom: another week where I seem to have mainly taken photos of flowers!
131: Slide: the wee girl checking that no one is coming down the slide :)
132: Pretty: our first Spring in this house and we are discovering new flowers every day.
133: Petals: the wee girl having fun with ‘snow’!
134: Pink: more blossom against beautiful blue skies.
135: Dude: I’m a teenager mummy…!
136: Chatting: some one-on-one time with the 8yo while the 6yo and wee girl were in their swim classes.

Project 365: a photo a day, every day, for a year.
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14 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 20: 130-136”

  1. No wonder you’ve got so many pictures of blossom this week – they really are stunning! Love the photos of the Wee Girl and her ‘snow’ and your two dudes.

  2. And lovely flower pictures they are too – you’ve got a cracking selection of pictures this week. I love your girl checking there’s no-one behind her on the slide and your little dude :)

  3. laughed at the teenager pic, except you wont get near them with a camera then!!
    The pink snow is a great shot, sadly it lasts all to short a time on the trees.
    Nice to get some one on one time with them, makes them a lot more bearable.

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