Project 365: Week 21: 137-143

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137: Delicate: they may be ‘weeds’ but they are pretty.
138: Colour: the wee girl loves her colouring-in app!
139: Treat: unexpected lunch out with mummy and daddy deserves a milkshake.
140: Poorly: the wee girl doesn’t seem to be getting on with the pollen…
141: Gardening: the wee girls favourite task is watering the plants :)
142: Selfie: fun at the park merited a mummy-daughter selfie!
143: Leaves: a lovely sunny day today, but not very warm…

Project 365: a photo a day, every day, for a year.
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28 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 21: 137-143”

  1. It’s all about the wee girl this week! She does look sad in her poorly pic, but love the picture of the two of you together and the dandelion clock :)

  2. lovely pic of the dandelion. i am sorry that your daughter is suffering with hayfever :( she looks so poorly BUT the photo of you and her smiling is gorgeous x

  3. Oh no at issues with the pollen, hayfever makes life very very very miserable.
    A selfie is a great way of getting pics of you for her to remember in later years.
    Dandelion heads to me are prettier than the yellow flowers, but the seeds blow about every where and get in the house then they are apain

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