Project 365: Week 41: 277-283

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277: Fall: my obsession with taking photos of trees begins again!
278: Progress: work moved onto the side of the house…
279: Golden: the trees in the front garden have started to change.
280: Update: three new windows in the dining room plus sidings!
281: Fading: my hydrangea has changed colour again :)
282: Colour: crazy hair day at school!
283: History: four layers of old wallpaper from the wee girls bedroom!

Project 365: a photo a day, every day, for a year.

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22 thoughts on “Project 365: Week 41: 277-283”

  1. Those layers of wallpaper make a really interesting photo. Your windows are going to look fabulous what they’re all done – what a huge job! Hope the boys had fun with their crazy hair.

    1. It is a huge job, but they are making good progress and I’m really pleased with the windows. We have so many layers of old wallpaper in the house, it’s really interesting.

    1. I might do! I’m planning on keeping a piece of every wallpaper as we have so many different ones :) But, framing some bits might be nice x I think clapboard is the right word… the exterior is wooden slats!

  2. how much longer till all the work is done? will you ahve to redecorate the whole house? i love the shot of the layers of wall paper, whenever I tried papering over the top of old paper it lifted straight off

  3. Your house could tell some tales from the events that have happened in it during its four layers of paper.not to mention the history of how wall paper has changed as well.
    Autumn is a very photographic season, love all the colours that appear.
    Not heard of crazy hair day

    1. It could definitely tell some tales, the Historic Society think it was built in the 1830’s/early 1840’s! Crazy hair day was new to us too, but they have it every year at my sons’ school :)

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